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21 November 2012 at 22:15 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, )

Notes: In the original version of the game, Franziska was raised in the US. In the English release, she was raised in Germany. I have changed the parts where she speaks English to German.

Thanks to Hikari Kaitou for corrections.

Round 5 — January 2005 Issue

At the Wright & Co. Law Offices, the cousin-duo, Maya and Pearl, are proposing a Christmas get-together. People who they had not seen for a long time invited themselves. Will the famous scene from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 2 come to a conclusion?!

Phoenix: Hey, Maya. What’s all this?

Maya: Get with the game, Nick! It’s ramen, of course! Duh!

Phoenix: Wh-what?! Why on Earth would you put ramen on top of a cake?!

Maya: Wow, Nick. As usual, you’re far behind the times. Hey! Pearly!

Pearl: We’re doing research about cakes for today’s special occasion!

Maya: We’ve been going round to loads of cake shops, see!

Phoenix: So what do you call this cake you’re making?

maya It’s a Mont Blanc. You put ramen and sweet chestnuts on top.

pearl Mystic Maya’s put all her heart and soul into making this!

Phoenix: Well, that’s honestly true. But do they really go together well? Ramen, chestnuts and cream?

Pearl: After all, Mystic Maya, buckwheat noodles would be best.

Maya: Pearly, you’re right! Ahh, just here… I wish Santa would hurry up!

Phoenix: Santa… You said you called him… It wasn’t Edgeworth, I suppose?

Maya: Well, duh! I mean, he wears the same colour clothes as Santa, doesn’t he?

Phoenix: Y-You think so? Isn’t his shade a little… gloomy for Santa?

maya Oh it’s fine, it’s fine. It just means this Santa’s a little worn out from city life.

phoenix Well… contrary to what you’d think, he’s a wise fellow, this Santa.

Pearl: Oooooh I can’t wait! Santa!!!

*Swish! Yelp! … Swish! Yelp!*

Maya: Hey, hey it looks like they’re coming! I can hear the noise of his cracking his whip at the reindeer as they pull his sleigh!

Phoenix: … But the cries of the reindeer sound rather ghastly, don’t they?!

Gumshoe: Ow! Owww! Not another! Someone please help meeeeeeeee! *Yelp!*

Pearl: Oh! It’s Detective Reindeer!

Gumshoe: Hey, pal, no! I’m Detective Gumdeer… I mean Rainshoe… No no, I mean Shoegum! *Yelp*

franziska Frohe Weihnachten, Mr Phoenix Wright.

phoenix I would really appreciate it if you didn’t look at me like that, Ms Franziska von Karma.

Pearl: Hey, Mystic Maya. Did you invite these two, too?

Maya: I-I don’t know…

Franziska: I have come in accordance with the jurisdiction of this country in order to make an inspection.

Maya: Frow Veenackten, Franziska!… *Youch!*

franziska Your pronunciation is terrible. It’s “Frohe”.

Gumshoe: This has been absurd right from the very beginning. *Yelp!*

Maya: So what brings you here today, Franziska?

Franziska: I’m here to return your lost item to you. It’s been quite an eyesore.

Phoenix: … My lost item?

franziska This Christmas card… Perhaps you remember it? It’s been difficult to find other opportunities to bring it here.

maya Ah! That was…

Phoenix: What is it, Maya? Show me what it was, too, won’t you?

Maya: Ahh, maybe later. And Mr Edgeworth..?

Gumshoe: He’ll be here very soon, pal. He’s just finishing up an investigation.

Phoenix: Ohhh… That’s so typical of that guy.

Pearl: Come on, everyone! The Mont Blanc is ready! Come and eat it!

gumshoe Hey! Cake! Cake! Wow, it’s been ages since I ate one of those, pal!

Franziska: This Mont Blanc looks very nice. I’ll be honoured to eat some.

Maya: Huh? Nick?! Where are you going?

Phoenix: I’m going out to meet Edgeworth. Besides which, I don’t want to be on the receiving end of Franziska’s whip.



  1. Hikari_Kaitou said,

    Aww, I’ve always loved this picture and wanted to reread the story behind it. Thank you so much for sharing the translated backstory! A few suggestions, if I may?

    マヨイ: やだなあ、成歩堂くん。ラーメンに決まってるじゃない She’s expressing her disappointment in Phoenix that he can’t immediately tell that the thing on top of the cake is ramen, so maybe something like:
    Maya: Get with the program, Nick! It’s ramen, of course! Duh!

    With this part “Phoenix: Y-You think so? But his clothes are a duskier shade of red than Santa’s,” he’s implying that the shade is darker and more depressing when compared to Santa’s more typical cheery bright red, so maybe we could keep that nuance if we tweaked it to “Y-you think so? Isn’t his shade a little… gloomy for Santa?”
    Then Maya’s next line is trying to explain how she thinks that shade could still work for Santa if you think about it in a different way, so “It’s fine, it’s fine. It just means this Santa’s a little worn out from city life” could work. Then Phoenix’s next line would be something like “Huh… he may not look it, but that Santa works pretty hard, I guess.”

    マヨイ:それで、メイさん。どうしたんですか、今日は。Since Maya didn’t invite Franziska, she’s kind of trying to ask what she’s doing there, but without sounding quite so rude. “So what brings you here today, Franziska?”
    Then she responds by saying “I’m here to return your lost item to you. It’s been quite an eyesore.
    Phoenix: My lost item?
    Franziska: This Christmas Card… Perhaps you remember it? It’s been difficult to find other opportunities to bring it here.” I’m not quite sure about that last line myself, but my guess is that she doesn’t want to make it seem like she wanted to join their party; she’s just been so “busy” that this was the only time she could make to return it to them. It also occurs to me that it might be an anonymous christmas card to them from her and she’s pretending that she doesn’t know anything about it, but that’s just my impression XD

    • Silver Arrows said,

      Updated! It’s making more sense now! When I saw the line about lost property, I thought it was something to do with Taiho-kun for some reason (Mitsurugi dropped it off at the office in another chapter), and then the line about the Christmas card made it seem so random. But it makes sense now 😀 Thank you so much for your help! The miracle just happen!!!!

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