Page 15 — Reminiscence 1

19 November 2012 at 22:58 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, )


Round 4 — December 2004 Issue

Maya: What’s up? You suddenly said “I want to see the lake!”.

Phoenix: Court isn’t until 10 o’clock, I think? I thought we could stop here for a bit.

Maya: Gourd Lake… Oh! This is where Edgeworth’s case was.

Phoenix: Yes. That, too. It’s a place of so many memories.

Maya: What? You shot someone here, too?!

Phoenix: No, no. When it gets to this time of year, I feel like coming here, for some reason.

maya Ahhh… I have a feeling it’s something romantic!

Phoenix: This is where I used to hang out when I first came to this neighbourhood.

Maya: What? You’re not local?!

Phoenix: No, it was only when I started working at the Fey & co. Law Offices that I moved here.

Maya: Oh. Is that right?

Phoenix: When I was still getting used to this place, Mia and I used to sit on the bench, eating buns.

Maya: Huh? Even over there, there’s someone who is completely lost in reverie.

Phoenix: It’s true. He’s eating buns…

Maya: That fluttering of the chest. I seem to recall it, but… I saw it here.

phoenix Quick, turn away. We’ll leave quickly.

maya Hiiiiiii! Prosecutor Edgewoooooooooorth! Over here! Over heeeeere!

Edgeworth: Hmmm. You’ve found me?

Maya: What happened? Did you receive a strange letter again?

Edgeworth: No, it’s not that. Somehow, at this time of year, I just feel like visiting this place.

Phoenix: I see. That case..?

Maya: If it’s that, that case was clearly solved and closed, wasn’t it!

edgeworth I’m much obliged to you for your help in that. I mean that truly.

Maya: But from the look on your face, you wouldn’t think it was all clearly solved and finished with.

phoenix And as usual, there’s that crease on the forehead starting to come out…

edgeworth And I don’t suppose I can ever get you to say “wrinkle”?

Maya: Oh if we’re talking about wrinkles, there is not even one wrinkle on your suit today, Mr Edgeworth!

Phoenix: And as usual, there’s that wrinkly forehead.

Edgeworth: If one is a prosecutor, there are times when one loses one’s composure.

Maya: Ah yes, I see, I see. That happens to Nick, like, all the time.

Edgeworth: Back then, I was very particular about what I wore, and would spend a lot of time on dressing elegantly. Not even one thread would be out of place or I would know no peace.

Maya: Nick, too, spent a lot of time today dressing elegantly. Didn’t you, Nick?

Phoenix: Oh shut up, you. I was busy this morning.

maya Oh snap! Nick, you don’t have your attorney’s badge on!

phoenix Damn it! I must have left it in the office!

Maya: Oh don’t tell me your shirt is inside out!

Phoenix: Oh that’s it! I was wondering why the collar felt like it was folded strangely.

Maya: Oh your shoes, your shoes! You have two rights on!

Phoenix: Whoa! Where am I supposed to buy a similar pair?

Maya: First Nick, worry about your trousers!

Phoenix: Oh man, how could I have forgotten to put on my trousers?!

edgeworth You clearly haven’t.

Maya: … … … Aww, you’re no fun, Mr Edgeworth!

Phoenix: Well, he is always like that.

Edgeworth: … Well… it’s about time to get back.

Phoenix: Ahh… well, later.

Edgeworth: Hmmm… See you in court.



  1. Hikari_Kaitou said,

    Thank you so much for posting this; I’ve been looking for these bits! Also for taking the time to translate. I know how much work it is, especially when you’re not sure about a detail and there’s no one you can ask, so I and everyone else reading this post really appreciate your time and effort.

    If I may make a few suggestions about one part in particular? It’s this exchange near the very end of this page:
    成歩堂: ま、いつものことだけど。

    ノリ悪い means something like “You’re bad at playing along [with other people’s jokes]” so I would suggest this interpretation.
    Edgeworth: …You clearly haven’t.
    Maya: ….. Boo, you’re no fun, Mr. Edgeworth.
    Phoenix: Ah well, he’s always like that.

    • Silver Arrows said,

      Thanks so much for your help! There are SO many parts I am not sure about (especially the slang), which is why I didn’t get round to translating the rest of the chapters 😦 There are many lines that don’t make sense the way I translated, but I don’t know enough to translate better, so thank you for teaching me! 😀 I am always happy for feedback!

      I’m a bit short for time at the moment, but I will definitely update this and the other post when I get the chance!

      • Hikari_Kaitou said,

        No problem! I remember how difficult it was for me starting out, so I’m always glad to help a fellow Japanese learner where I can ^^ I hope I’m not out of line with this, but I’d be so grateful if you ever found the time to post any more tidbits from this book. Naturally I’d be willing to help with the translation in return!

      • Silver Arrows said,

        I did hope to translate all the illustrated parts, but it’s turning out a lot harder than I thought. I’m currently concentrating on studying the jouyou level 2s, so this is taking a backseat (this book actually IS the reason I’m learning Japanese — because it seems no one else has translated it). Having said that, I think I have photos of all the pages, so I’m happy to post them up as they are and the translations will come in when they come in. You are also welcome to translate any parts of it that you like! 🙂

        PS Haha, just updated the corrected parts. Aww, in my badly translated version, he was walking around in his boxers n_n It makes sense now! XD

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