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18 November 2012 at 17:49 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, )

Notes: This chapter confused the heck out of me. A lot of the lines I had to guess at the meaning, but I hope the gist of it has got through unscathed. I’ll try to redo this translation once I’ve finished the rest of the pages.

There’s a joke in here about Gumshoe’s Japanese surname, which is 糸鋸 (Itonokogiri). Itonoko (which is also their nickname for him) means a jigsaw (as in the tool) and nokogiri means a saw or musical saw (I didn’t even know there were such things). Hence the reason Maya asks if he used a jigsaw.


Round 18 — February 2006 Issue

mayaYeah! Go it! Samurai Slap!

phoenix Uhh, Maya. Could you keep the volume down a bit? At least for today?

Maya: Nope. You won’t be able to keep me down, not today! It’s the “Steel Samurai 155 episodes-in-one-sitting re-run day”!

Phoenix: *Groan* I have some difficult paperwork to work on. I’m so busy, I haven’t had a thing to eat since morning.

Maya: It’s okay. Our lunch will be arriving very shortly.

Pearl: Waaaaaaaa!! Mystic Mayaaaaaaa!

Maya: W-what happened, Pearly?

Pearl: Charley has — Charley has — Charley has withered and is dying!!

Phoenix: Charley?! ARGH!!! The ornamental pot plant that Mia left!

maya Withered, you said?! Whoa! It’s true! It’s all withered!

Pearl: I don’t think this nutritional spray was very good for it…

Phoenix: Ah! This is bad! This isn’t a plant spray: it’s Luminol reagent!

Maya: Luminol? What’s that?!

phoenixOh come on, we only used it last month!

Maya: Ahh… It’s a scientific chemical that reacts if it comes into contact with blood.

Pearl: I sprayed lots on it, so the leaves would become all shiny.

Voice: Excuse meeeeeeeeee. I have a food delivery for youuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Maya: Oh, it seems our lunch has arrived.

Voice: Yes. Ten bowls of Chinese rice!

phoenix T-ten? Ten bowls?!

Maya: Well, yeah. “Crazy bargain offer! Ten bowls for the price of seven!” That’s what it said on the leaflet.

Pearl: That’s a bit of a weird “crazy bargain offer”, isn’t it?

Maya: Well, however good or weird this crazy bargain offer is, we have to sort out this issue with the Luminol spray!

Phoenix: We’ll leave that for now. Let’s eat or we’ll wither and die, too.

Maya: Somehow I don’t feel like eating so much. Well. Let’s eat, then.

Phoenix: One bowl is enough!

Voice: Excuse meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Maya: Ah, what is it? I wonder if I should add another bowl…

Phoenix: You can take back the one that says “Something-or-other Bowl” on top of it.

Voice: This is the poliiiiiiiiiiice. Provide a report about the package, pleaaaaaaaaase.

phoenix Whoa! What the heck is this huge monstrosity?!

maya If you touch it, it starts waggling from side to side!

Pearl: Waaaaaa! Its face is so scary!

Edgeworth: It’s Blue Bowl.

Phoenix: E-Edgeworth!

Edgeworth: Surely even you would remember him?

Phoenix: Oh yes, of course. From that incident.

Maya: As I recall, from what Nick told me, that incident caused a great deal of suffering.

Edgeworth: However, even the amazing achievements of “Blue Bowl” are becoming manifest.

Maya: Hmmm, the “Blue Bowl”-sort is good enough, I guess.

Phoenix: By the way, it’s “Blue Badger”, as you can plainly see.

Edgeworth: Hmph. It would seem that somehow you’ve confused it with somewhere else’s mascot.

Phoenix: Anyway, why is the thing here?

Edgeworth: It doesn’t belong at the police station.

Maya: Ahh…

Edgeworth: I don’t suppose we could leave it here, in place of that dead plant?

Maya: Charley is not dead!

Edgeworth: I guess I can’t really bear to throw away this guy, too, but…

Phoenix: Ahh, as I remember, it was Detective Gumshoe who made this thing, wasn’t it?

Edgeworth: “I put my blood, sweat and tears into making this, pal!” he said.

Maya: Uh huh. As far as bleeding is concerned, we can find out with the Luminol!

Phoenix: That doesn’t even make any — uh?

Pearl: There’s a smudge of blood on it! Look! Over here!

Edgeworth: Ahh. It’s probably the good detective’s own blood. He must have cut his finger when making this thing.

Pearl: Whoa…

Maya: By the way, when he was sawing this thing — was it a jigsaw he used?

Phoenix: That’s not really important at the moment, is it?

Pearl: Yikes! There’s some blood here as well!

Edgeworth: Ahh. It’s probably the good detective’s own blood. From when he was smashing the nails in with a hammer.

Pearl: Whoa…

Maya: There’s so much blood in this story, why did he make the expression on it so happy, Mr Edgeworth?

phoenix At any rate, probably because the guy’s dancing like a lunatic as usual.

edgeworth Well, I thought this office would be a perfect match for it…

Pearl: Wow! Even if I wanted to clean it, I don’t think the stains would ever come off!

Maya: You won’t see anything like this on TV!

Phoenix: Whoa! How exquisitely does this guy get in the way of both eating Chinese and doing paperwork!

Edgeworth: Whoever he is, he won’t stop dancing. Not until his batteries run out, anyway.

Phoenix: You got that right!

Edgeworth: However, think about it. The exact same thing could be said about ourselves.

Phoenix: Eh?

Edgeworth: Until we reach the end of our life, we continue to dance. Just like this “Blue Bowl”.

Maya: That’s so true…

Pearl: One would expect such wisdom from a prosecutor!

Phoenix: Edgeworth, I’d really prefer it if you stopped this habit of saying such wise things.

Edgeworth: Well, it can’t be helped. You would need to take me back to the manufacturers themselves to change the way I am.

Phoenix: Speaking of which, I don’t suppose we can get him to take back the food we didn’t need?

Maya: It’s okay though. I mean, there’s only one bowl left.

Phoenix: Oh, well it doesn’t matter, then. He looks like something from outer space, whichever way you look at it.

pearl Prosecutor Edgeworth, you too have one bowl!

edgeworth Why not? I’ll gladly take one.

Maya: Come, everyone! The last bowl will be eaten by us friends! Whichever way you look at it.

phoenix I really don’t need to be a part of this.

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    Musical saw – there’s a festival dedicated to this instrument:

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