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2 November 2012 at 23:01 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, )

Notes: In the original, Maya and Pearl are speaking English. Since obviously in the English release, they already speak English, I have changed it to French. Japanese would probably have made more sense, but I think more readers would understand French 😀

In this episode, they are talking about the re-release of the first Gyakuten Saiban, which was originally a GBA game. It was re-named Gyakuten Saiban – Yomigaeru Gyakuten (Turnabout Trials – The Resurrected Turnabout) for the DS release. The Japanese version also has the ability to play in either English or Japanese, hence why Maya is learning English.

Round 14 — October 2005 Issue

maya Bonjour, Monsieur Wright! Ça va?

phoenix Wh-what, Maya?

Maya: What it is, is this! If someone says “Ça va?” to you, you are supposed to say, “Très bien, merci. Et vous?”

Phoenix: But in reality, I’ve never actually seen foreigners exchanging greetings like that.

Maya: Ehhh. Well. In school, that’s what I learnt.

Phoenix: Maya, you go to school..?

Maya: How rude! I’ve learnt my French textbook completely by heart! Huh. Pearly!

Pearl: Hee. Mystic Maya is teaching me how to have conversations in French!

Phoenix: How lovely of her! Can you say something to me?

Pearl: Of course! Let’s see. “Monsieur Wright, est-ce que tu es un garçon ou une fille?”

Phoenix: Oh, that’s awful. The question itself is nonsense!

Pearl: *sniff*

Maya: Hey! Answer properly!

Phoenix: I-I-I get it. Well, then. “Je suis un garçon.”

Maya: Yes! There you are, Pearly.

pearl Let’s see. “Ah! Tu n’es plus un garçon.”

phoenix Huh? What did you say?

maya She said “You are not a boy anymore.”

Phoenix: What do they teach them these days?!

Pearl: Uhh. It’s just what’s written in the textbook…

Phoenix: Well, it’s an awful textbook. First of all, why French?

Maya: Doi! Today “Rise from the Ashes” is on sale!

Phoenix: Yes, so it is.

Maya: And “Rise from the Ashes” is also playable in French!

Phoenix: Oh, I get it.

Pearl: Oh, I am going to have so much fun translating “ladders and step-ladders”!

Phoenix: Okay, that’s just a maniac’s point of view.

Maya: Look, look! I bought it! The packaging is always different though, huh?

Phoenix: Oh. You actually had enough money? Normally you’re always cribbing it from me.

Maya: Well, I borrowed $20 from Pearly.

Pearl: There was already a feeling of “Ace Attorney” fever in town!

Phoenix: Huh? Is that right?

Maya: Yeah! When we were walking through the city, everyone was all over us!

Phoenix: Didn’t this seem to be a problem for you?

Maya: Well, anyway. Let’s give it a go straight away! Pearly!

Pearl: Yes! That… oh!

Maya: Huh? What is it?

pearl Well, it seems it’s too small. The cartridge.

mayaHuh. Well for that price… why have they made it so small?

Pearl: M-Mystic Maya! It won’t go in the game console!

Maya: Huh?! It’s true. It won’t go in! I can’t believe it! They palmed off the heroine with faulty goods!

phoenix Hey hey hey, no, just wait a sec. Isn’t that a Gameboy Advance?

Maya: Yeah.

Phoenix: Then. “Rise from the Ashes” is a Nintendo DS game.

Maya: Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh?! I don’t have one of those!

Pearl: So we can’t play it? But we were going to have so much fun…

Maya: I see. In the television advert, they said “Wright has committed a murder. It’s up to beautiful young female detective Maya to find out the truth! ‘Rise from the Ashes’ on satellite TV, tomorrow at 8pm!”… We can’t see satellite broadcasts at our house… Did you say something?

Phoenix: I’m just wondering at that… Please excuse me. Here, let me play.

maya What?! Your game is in a big, stylish, black box?! Mine is completely different!

hoenix Ahh. You see, mine is a limited edition.

Pearl: So in this huge box, all they put in is this teeny cartridge?

Phoenix: If the people at Capcom hear you, they’ll get angry. It’s not nice to say such things. We get various freebies, like mangas and CDs.

Maya: Ooh! I want one, too! Let’s go back and exchange it for one of those!

Phoenix: Umm.. It’s too late. They’ve already sold out.

Maya: Ehhhhh. What’s with that? The advert said, “Beautiful young female Maya was approached by a dark shadow. She had to find the identity of the mysterious person who stood to receive a $500,000,000 inheritance. ‘Rise from the Ashes’, yesterday, 8pm.” I’ve finished… did you say something?

Phoenix: Just now, what did you say? About this dodgy TV series?

Pearl: Anyway, Mystic Maya. How about we go and buy that Nintendo DS now?

Maya: Yeah! Pearly, how much money do you have?

pearl $6!

maya I have 50¢. So how much is it again? “DS”, right?

phoenix Okay, fine. Take my wallet.

Pearl: Come on then! Let’s go!

Maya: Yeah! There are so many cases that everyone can play! “Rise from the Ashes!”

Phoenix: Well, today it seems we’re just going to have to go shopping. See you again next month.

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  1. Mihane100 said,

    Maybe Rise from the ashes is supposed to be a separate case? On a separate DS game…?

    • Silver Arrows said,

      Yip, you’re right! It came on the re-release of Gyakuten Saiban I for the DS 😀

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