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1 November 2012 at 23:35 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, )

Cultural notes: White Day is March 14th. It’s a chance for males to give a gift to females and return any favours from Valentine’s Day. Just like on Valentine’s, there are gifts for that special female, and then the obligation gifts, given to friends or as a social courtesy. Typically, sweets, biscuits and marshmallows are given.

The original names were Rumi-chan and Fumi-chan, which I have changed to Lara and Kara, to fit in with the LA setting. In the English release, Maya is fond of burgers, whereas in the Japanese version, her preferred food is miso ramen, hence the ramen extravaganza. Perhaps I should have changed it to burgers, what do you think?

Round 5 — April 2005 Issue

maya Wooooooo. I’m stuffed!

larry So how was it? My Ramen First Course.

Maya: Hmm. Completely delicious!

Larry: If you say so! Edgey! Say something, can’t you?!

Edgeworth: I can only say it has a most unusual flavour.

Larry: We’ll start with miso ramen salad relish, miso ramen tenpura, and miso stewed veal garnished with ramen.

Maya: And the main dish is, of course — miso ramen!

Larry: Say, for dessert — how about miso-sherbet ramen!

Maya: Eeeeeeeee!!!

Phoenix: Uhh… what are you doing, Larry?

Larry: You idiot! I bet you don’t even know what day it is today!

Maya: Hey, I even received a marshmallow from Mr Edgeworth!

Phoenix: Ahh, well. It’s White Day, isn’t it?

Larry: Then! Are you making fun of my White Day girl?

Phoenix: M-maybe there isn’t such a person.

Maya: Why, it seems there are some unpleasant memories there, Nick.

Phoenix: Well, I don’t like it. I received a sweet from Edgeworth, that day.

maya Ehhhhhhhhh?! Ni-Ni-Nick and Pro-Pro-Prosecutor Edgeworth — !!!

larry Hohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So-sorry, Nick! I should have known better!

edgey I-I want you to please stop causing such misunderstandings!

Maya: Well then, tell us about this month!

Phoenix: At primary school, there was a girl I liked. Lara, her name was.

Larry: Say, Nick. Did you really like this girl?

Phoenix: Dipstick, last month you were surprised, too.

Maya: Calm down, guys, it’s okay. So then what?

Phoenix: It was White Day morning. On this girl’s desk, I left a sweet. My courage left me, so I attached a message to it.

Edgeworth: You? To Lara?

Phoenix: So on that day, after lunch, Edgeworth arrived, holding that sweet.

Young Edgeworth: “Her chocolate… She said she can’t accept this.”

Maya: Ahh. That’s pretty pathetic, huh.

Phoenix: Well, it was crystal clear that I was rejected.

Edgeworth: … Oh is that right?

Maya: What do you mean, Mr Edgeworth?

Edgeworth: This story. It’s obvious, but such a little thing!

Larry: Ah, forget it, it’s fine. It’s such an old story…

Phoenix: Hey hey hey no! I want to know, so tell me!

Edgeworth: It’s such a simple thing. The girl who gave me the sweet wasn’t Lara.

Phoenix: Eh?

Maya: Well then who was it?

Edgeworth: As I recall, it was “Kara”.

Phoenix: Ka-Kara? But how could it be? That girl..?

Edgeworth: I remember well, Wright. That morning, do you remember exactly what happened?

Phoenix: That day, I went to school early. I was holding the sweet… there! I asked which was Lara’s seat.

Maya: Waaaaaa. Nick, Nick. You didn’t even know which seat the girl you liked sat in?

Phoenix: But they’d just done a seating change. Larry… as I recall, it was you who answered my query.

Larry: Eh?! Umm, was it?

Edgeworth: That time, Larry, it seems you heard wrong and mistook “Lara” for “Kara”.

phoenix Arghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

edgey And that’s why you’re so surprised, Larry. All this time, you thought the girl Wright liked was Kara.

larry Oh. Dang.

Maya: Kara. But she should have returned it to you herself, Nick.

Edgeworth: It’s because I was on the class committee.


Larry: Hey! I liked Kara more!

Phoenix: That’s no excuse!

Maya: But — well, what can I say? Life is a mystery.

Phoenix: What does that mean?!

maya Exchanging chocolates like that can’t even satisfy Nick, because now, he’d need to exchange his whole life. *

Larry: Oh, definitely!

phoenix I think that is a very bad summing-up, Maya.*

*These sentences, I’m really not sure about. The original text is:

真宵: チョコのやりとりも満足にできないなるほどくんが、今は、イノチのやりとりをしてるんだから。


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