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1 November 2012 at 19:27 (Ace Attorney, Naruhodo Gyakuten Saiban!, Translations) (, , )

Cultural Notes: In Japan, Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently from in the West. On this day, females give chocolate to males. A loved-one will get a special, often home-made, chocolate, a honmei-choko. Not-so-special males will get a giri-choko, an “obligation” chocolate, out of social courtesy or friendship. White Day is the day for males to return the favour to the girls.

The original name of the girl was Rumi-chan, which I have changed to Lara (see White Day page for more) to fit in with the LA setting.

Round 7 — March 2005 Issue

Larry: Maya! I’ve finished cleaning the toilet!

Maya: Really? Thanks, Larry!

Larry: So what should I do next? I’ll do it! I’d do anything for your sake… especially today.

Maya: Well, I’ve been thinking. This room’s layout could do with a change. Please could you do it for me?

Larry: Eh?

maya Could you move all the furniture, just once?

Larry: Hey, there’s no need to hold back. It’s not like I don’t like you.

Phoenix: Hey, so you’re doing good, Larry. But only for today?

Larry: You idiot! Don’t you know what day it is today?

Phoenix: Ahh, well. It’s Valentine’s Day?

Larry: Then! Are you making fun of my Valentine?

Phoenix: I-I-I don’t even know who that person is.

Maya: Well, it seems there are some unpleasant memories there, Nick.

Phoenix: You see, I don’t like it. I received a chocolate from Edgeworth, that day.

maya Ehhhhhhhhh?! Ni-Ni-Nick and Pro-Pro-Prosecutor Edgeworth — !!!

larry Hohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So-sorry, Nick! I should have known better!

phoenix Hey hey hey hey no! I didn’t say that!!

Maya: Well, tell us then!

Phoenix: At primary school, there was this girl I liked. Lara, her name was.

Larry: Uhhhhh?! So you liked that girl?!

Phoenix: On Valentine’s morning, when I got to school, there was a chocolate on my desk. From her.

Maya: Heh! That’s good!

Phoenix: Yes, and really, I was pleased, but…

Maya: But..?

Phoenix: When I looked properly, it said “To Miles” on it; on the pink wrapping paper.

Maya: So it said “Miles”, did it?

Phoenix: Our desks were next to each other, you see; mine and Miles Edgeworth’s.

Larry: Ahh. This girl was very careless. Me, I would know better.

Phoenix: Well it was because of this one bit of “carelessness” that I ended up with a situation I never got over!

Maya: Ahh. Then?

Phoenix: Nothing. I gave it back to Edgeworth.

Larry: Oh you. You shouldn’t worry about such a little thing. I wouldn’t be bothered by it.

Phoenix: I don’t know the meaning of “don’t worry”.

Maya: Then what? What did Mr Edgeworth do?

Phoenix: He gave me the chocolate. “Because you like Lara, right?” he said.

Maya: Ehhhh. He’s awfully cruel, Mr Edgeworth is. That girl’s feelings, and he just…

Phoenix: Apparently, he seemed to deduce it was an obligation chocolate.

Maya: How did he figure that?

Phoenix: That morning, when he went to school, on top of two desks there were two chocolates wrapped in the same pink paper.

Maya: So Lara gave another boy the same chocolate?

Larry: Oh by the way, that would be my desk.

maya Eh?!

larry That morning, when I got to school, there was a parcel on my desk, wrapped in pink paper.

phoenix W-What?! Y-You received one, too? From her?!

Larry: Well, I said it just now, didn’t I? I wouldn’t let such a little thing worry me.

Maya: What do you mean?

Larry: When I looked properly, it said “To Phoenix” on it. On the pink wrapping paper.

Phoenix: Wha?

Larry: Well, since it was on my desk, I assumed it was for me, right?

Maya: But — Larry, the name..?

Larry: I’m Larry, aren’t I? Larry Butz.

Maya: I mean on the chocolate. It was Nick’s…

Phoenix: But Lara just got the desks mixed up… right? Again.

Larry: So it goes. What did I just say? That was one very careless kid; that’s what I said.

Phoenix: And it was because of this one bit of “carelessness” that I ended up with a situation I never got over!

Larry: Hey hey hey, wait, okay, Nick? What’s with that look?!

Phoenix: Well, Lara wanted to give me the chocolate and —

Larry: Edgey already told you this, too. First of all, it was just an obligation chocolate.

Phoenix: Ahh.

Larry: So, did you eat it? The one from Lara that Edgey gave you?

Phoenix: Well… yeah.

larrySo! Then the end result wasn’t all that different. That part didn’t change anyway.

phoenix So I got what I wanted..?

maya Hmmm. It seems that it’s far too complicated for us to ever get a clear answer.

Phoenix: And that’s why I hate Valentine’s Day.

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