What do you think the Hopkinsville goblins were?

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Whaddaya think?

The Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter is the name given to a series of incidents of close encounters with supposed extraterrestrial beings. These were reported in the autumn of 1955, the most famous and well-publicized of which centred around a rural farmhouse at the time belonging to the Sutton family, which was located between the hamlet of Kelly and the small city of Hopkinsville, both in Christian County, Kentucky, United States. It is from these main incidents that the entire case takes its name.

Members of two families at the farmhouse allege to have seen unidentifiable creatures and other witnesses attested to lights in the sky and odd sounds.

However the events are regarded as one of the most significant, well-known and well-documented cases in the history of UFO incidents, and a favourite for study in ufology, as many others, including local policemen and state troopers, were involved and taken seriously enough as to be officially investigated by the United States Air Force. The encounter has shaped much of the narrative of the UFO tradition, including flashing lights appearing in rural areas and sightings of so-called little green men.

A claim is also made for another encounter with allegedly the same creatures in another part of the United States along the Ohio River a week prior to the incidents in Kentucky, which itself had numerous witnesses.

From Snikipedia

Hopkinsville goblins
Pic from UFO Casebook


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