Emergencies, Phones and Tablet Drivers

29 September 2012 at 20:30 (Random Randomness) (, )

You know, as someone with object empathy, I tend to hang on to stuff for ages, usually forever. Trade in my DSi XL for a 3DS XL? Are you kidding? Ain’t gonna happen. But of course there comes a time when one has to let go.

First of all, there is my phone. Now let me tell you, I’ve had this baby a long time. 9 years to be exact. September 2003: I still remember the day. You wanna know the model? It’s a Nokia 3310. It’s silver right now. But at other times, it’s variously navy, red, blue, green or yellow. They disconnected my SIM in 2010 because I didn’t top up for 2 years. What I’m saying is, it makes no sense for me to splash out on a fancy new phone every year, when I hardly ever use it. That’s asociability for you. Why do I even have a phone, then? For emergencies. And here is the problem.

A few weeks ago, I did have an emergency. An inconvenience for neurotypicals, but an emergency for me. I forgot they closed the main road and that the buses would be on diversion. After getting on the bus I suddenly realised and was all in a panic. The bus was going up up up, I was frozen, trying to figure out what the hell I should do. Okay, it’s just a diversion, I don’t normally mind, usually because I’ll have some idea of where we’ll end up. And usually because at least I’ll be able to phone home and ask for help. But this time, my phone was utterly dead. I had a feeling it would be.

For someone so scared of being in an unpredictable situation, I sure as hell don’t plan for them.

What should have been a 2 minute, 3 stop journey was turning into a half hour journey to the middle of nowhere, and I was on the verge of shutting down entirely. People started tapping their nails on the back of their seats — something I already find utterly annoying — and I felt like screaming. The noise, the noise. And my phone was dead.

My mind was already running through nightmare scenarios — being totally lost, having no idea which way home was, and having no way of calling, because I hadn’t memorised anyone’s mobile numbers, and I know for a fact that the chance of the home phone being answered was very slim. What if I was stuck out here for hours, until night? And no one would think anything of it, they’d think I was doing overtime. No one would think to look for me. What would happen?

After at least 10 minutes of deliberation, I finally plucked up the courage to go up to the driver and ask how long before we got back to the main route — although I had to shout three times and knock on the window before he even noticed I was there. I think at this point I might have been whimpering — I know I was rocking subtly, but I’m starting to suspect that to others, it isn’t really all that subtle. This is worrying. He said, it’s just straight ahead, not too far. He told me to get off when another lady asked him to open the door, telling me, “It’s just up there, just straight ahead.” And I got off because I didn’t know what else to do on this bus ride to hell.

How happy I was when I saw the station! I know where I am! And it was just one stop up from where I normally get off, but, boy, what a journey. And if I only my phone was working, my sister would have just told me to stop worrying, told me where I was, and it wouldn’t have been so traumatic.

The problem is the battery. My Ni-MH battery gave up the ghost some time ago, so I “upgraded” to the Li-ON, which worked fine for about a year, but now dies in 1 day or less, even with the phone switched off. Reading up on Scamazon, I’ve noticed a few others complain about the same thing.

So I have a dilemma, and this is where it comes back to the opening paragraph: do I spend almost £10 on a new battery, or spend a little more and get a new phone, with a better battery life? Argh! I love my 3310, I really do, and I feel like a traitor, giving something up just because it’s old, but I really do need the emergency phone! What do I do?

Another thing is: my graphics tablet. I have the Trust Sketch thingamabob tablet, which works great on XP. But on my new netbook (which unfortunately runs Windoze 7), the pressure sensitivity doesn’t work, because crappy Windoze 7 insists on installing its own driver. I’m waiting for tech support to get back to me, but I don’t hold out much hope. Now I’m thinking I might have to splash out £50 on a Wacom Bamboo, which is such a shame when this one would do the job if only Windoze 7 didn’t suck so much.

And another thing that’s upsetting me is that they have taken Raven away and put him downstairs, and now I am not sure which one is him.

Anyone who says being Aspie is a blessing obviously does not have a life like mine.

PS I have just ordered the new phone. It is a very slight upgrade of my 3310. Nokia 100 in pink. Because I like pink.


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  1. Tom said,

    The past is a foreign country.

    For the record, Ni-MH batteries are better if you let the phone completely die and then charge it. They are a better technology. LiOn are better used if you charge it over night, and begin charging when it’s less than half gone. Something to do with compression of cells rather than number of cells. It was explained to me once.

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