EA mole gives IP of complainant to hackers

24 June 2012 at 18:49 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , , , )

A concerned mother recently posted on Coconut’s shoutbox about her worries over her daughter’s IM communication with Thoma$ at TSR.


Disclaimer: I will make it clear that there is no evidence that the conversations between Thoma$ and Louise’s daughter were sexual or inappropriate in any way. Regardless, it was enough for Louise to be worried about what was going on.

What happened after confirmed what we always knew anyway: that T$R do indeed have ties with EA. And now we have a name for another one of these ties: Sherrie Dandan (the other two being the Maxoids Drea and Hydra — and probably many others).

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: Dandan, Sherrie [mailto:sdandan@ea.com]
Sent: 31 May 2012 23:05
To: steve@thesimsresource.com
Subject: RE: Alleged hackings?

Hey Steve,

Ah, I figured as much that it had to come from our favorite sites lol! Ugh, how childish of them. I’m very sorry you and your site are going through this mess again.

Thanks so much for the explanation. We’ve only heard 2 people yammer over it to us (one on our tumblr page and one via email..to our PR). It might have been from the same person, who knows. And our PR who received it wasn’t sure how to handle it and forwarded it to us.

Didn’t mean to cause you any alarm (if any!).

Fan events seem to be very rare and far between. There haven’t been any fan events planned as of yet that I’ve heard of. If there are any, of course I’d let you know!

So how’s life been for you? I just remembered – you still have that awesome gift that keeps on giving! I still wonder how it got through customs without the agents giggling. I remember at one point we had to read through some harassment policies and we wondered if that counted as harassment. Guess we can’t hide that thing around each other’s desks anymore lol! Well, at least to be safe hehe.

Anyhoo, thanks again. I’ll let PR know that it’s just our favorite pirating site causing trouble again.


From: Steve @ The Sims Resource [mailto:steve@thesimsresource.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2012 2:41 PM
To: Dandan, Sherrie
Subject: RE: Alleged hackings?

Hi Sherrie

It’s always good to hear from you, even if it is under awkward circumstances 🙂

Yea, we are aware of this. It all stems from the Coconut Blog that is hosted by Pescado, who also hosts the sites that try to destroy so called “Illegal Pay Sites”. If you read the blog there, any half intelligent person will see very quickly that it’s made up of lies and exaggerations with the sole purpose of destroying The Sims Resource. They have been around for years and every now she finds the energy to make up some more lies (she is actually a bitter artist that begged us to make her Featured Artist but was rejected because she wasn’t good enough, and took a vow to cause as much trouble for us as she could). Most of it in the form of edited screenshots that shallow people take to be absolute proof, while technically adept people can see the edits quite clearly with a pixel zoom.

Anyway, the latest allegations are that TSR is actively hacking into other Sims sites, their flickr and social networking sites, and doing all kind of bad things there. Of course its rubbish, we have neither the inclination nor technical skills/knowledge to hack websites and major commercial networks. In any case, people have even come forward and pointed out that the hacking was actually done by someone they know and not TSR, but they gloss over that rather quickly. It’s not good for their story.

They openly accused us of hacking Mod The Sims in a bid to close the site down. Delphy, the owner, publicly stated that he knows TSR was no part of it after he investigated it. Coconut said “well I don’t care, I still think it was TSR so our accusation stands”. It’s all rubbish.

Ironically, it has been bought to our attention recently that Coconut’s followers have been Private Messaging our members in our forums and your own, claiming to be TSR staff trying to resolve technical issues, and asking for their login details for our site. That’s why we posted a news statement a couple of days ago telling our users that we would never need to ask for their passwords and not to give them out.

I think if you read this complaint you have been forwarded you will see the ‘way over the top’ way they desperately try to get the attention of EA, who they so want on board to shut TSR down. “FBI… Internet fraud… Punished for crimes… Harassment and Slander…” We’re a Sims fansite for goodness sake, all we do is sell subscriptions for access to our premium content, which just happens to be the best and largest collection of Custom Content for the Sims games, made in the Sims 3 case by all our own software engineered in house but made freely available for any Sims fansite out there to use at will (Workshop). Does that sound like the same website this user is describing? What proof can they offer that we have been involved in any so called hackings? There won’t be any. We are grown men with jobs (as you know, I work for the Government in Criminal Justice), we aren’t about to getting up to this nonsense.

So there. Anyway, on to more pressing matters…. When is Sims 4 being released, and when’s the next event???


Love to the team,


I am so disgusted I can’t even think of anything to say to this right now.

You can read the full article at Coconut’s Hut.


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