Shiawase no Hako English Translation

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Salyu — Iris — 幸せの箱

I know there are a few of these floating about the interwebz, but this is my translation practice. I’m still a beginner, so the translation is probably very literal and full of mistakes. I’m happy for anyone to tell me where and why I’ve gone wrong and so on. Enjoy!

あなたの方が知っていた 私が大事にしてたもの
また会えることを信じて 約束もせずに手を振った
You knew better about the things I was cherishing.
Believing that we could meet again, we waved farewell without promise. [1]
車窓は 流れ出す景色の フレーム
そっとそっと 始まりを映し出し始める
The train window is a frame of drifting scenery.
Softly, softly, it starts to reflect a beginning.
二人で生きる理由を 貫くような眼差しで確かめ合った
今でも息衝く痛みは 記憶 それ以上の何か 誓いそのもの
With a piercing look, we confirmed the reason for the two of us to exist together.
But now, this gasping pain is something more than a memory; it’s a pledge itself. [2]
あなたが置いた約束 そのままずっとかばっている
もう会えないと しても いつも 私の箱にしまっていく
The promise that you left behind, I will protect it as it is for a long time.
Even if already we can never meet again, I will keep it in my box.
それぞれの想いで 同じ唄を愛した
過ぎ行く時の 彼方に 響くメロディ
We loved the same song with every feeling.
On the other side of passing time sounds a melody.
違う景色の中にも 同じ色が輝いてる ことを知ったの
背中合わせの間に ある 温もりをきっと感じていける
I learned that even within a different view, the same colours shine.
There is a warmth between our two backs that I can surely feel.
そんな想いも 手品みたいに
“We can’t progress forward without losing something.”
This thought, too, is waiting to be revealed like a magic trick.[3]
鉄路の先を辿って フレームは新しい 街を宿した
サヨナラを唄に出来たら また あなたに出会える どこにいても
Tracing along the railway, the frame carried a new town.
If I could only turn “goodbye” into a song, I could see you again wherever you are.[4]
違う景色の中にも 同じ色が輝いてる ことを知ったの
背中合わせの間に ある 温もりをずっと感じていける
I learned that even within a different view, the same colours shine.
Between our backs is a warmth that I will feel for a long time.

[1] Literally “waved hands” or “shook hands”, but waved farewell sounds better.
[2] 息衝く — Breathe heavily, pant. So I guessed at “gasping pain”. This whole line confused me, to be honest. I may have screwed up badly here.
[3]Not quite sure about the 種を明する bit, but I think it means “reveal”. zKanji gives a meaning for 種 as: secret, inside story.
[4]Or “wherever I am” or even “wherever we are”. Hmm.



  1. Anonymous said,

    awesome work!! great translation~ thanks for sharing lol

  2. le said,

    The freaking kanji is sooooo complicated @@

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