Fire Emblem 20th Anniversary Artbook

28 May 2011 at 20:42 (Random Randomness) (, , , , , )

I couldn’t resist. Nintendo said there are no plans for an English release, so I had to get it imported. It cost some £40 on eBay, but I think it was worth it (mind you, my bank statement hasn’t come through yet).

It’s smaller than I hoped. Bigger than my Gyakuten Kenji Official Complete Guide *sigh*, smaller than the English release of the Phoenix Wright artbook, and the same size as my Gyakuten Saiban fanbook.

Now let’s see what’s inside!

Ike’s saying hello. Hello, Ike!

Lots of… stuff. Yeah, let’s go to the next page.

Oooh! It’s Nabarl! And to think he used to be so butt ugly! I think he looks nicer in the in-game graphic, than the main artwork. Mmmm, nice hair!

*Please excuse me while I have a major squeeing fit*

He he

Yikes! Oh man, I love his smiley face! I made my FE12 character have the happy eyes as well, to match >_<

Oh, boy.

This is the one I’m playing now. It’s kinda hard when I can only understand a few words here and there. Ho well. I hope we get an English release, and soon.

ETA: There won’t be one, but my kanji is enough that I mostly know what’s going on. Well, nearly mostly. I’m getting there.

Gyakuten Saiban said: Why should we hold your page open and not get any glory? So here is some.. err…. glory:

This is the Valentine’s Day page. They’re talking about Valentine’s in the year that the three of them were in school together. What happened was, Naruhodo-kun (Phoenix) is telling the others how he received Mitsurugi’s (Edgey’s) valentine chocolate. And so Mayoi (Maya) and Yappari (Larry) are ZOMG’ing. And Naruhodo is saying, no no! Mitsurugi’s chocolate was accidentally put in his desk by — I forget her name. I think it was Rumi-chan? And then it turned out that even Larry received a chocolate from Rumi-chan. But the chocolate Yappari received said “To Ryuuichi” i.e. Phoenix. And then it turned out on White Day that Naruhodo left his chocolate on the wrong desk. No one seemed to know who sat where in that school. Only it said “Fumi-chan” instead. Or something. I tell you what, I’m gonna post a full translation up here one day. Gimme time, I am too busy playing my old PC games these days 😀

To sum up: the book should have been bigger. No really, it should. The thing is, a lot of the pictures overlap and it all does seem a bit squished in and too busy. The Phoenix Wright artbook is a lot more spacious and just better laid out. Having said that, there is more info in the Faia Emuburemu book, which I’m sure is very interesting, it’ll just be a year or so before I can translate it all 😀



  1. FirEFan said,

    Hello, would you mind scanning the Fire Emblem 20th An. Artbook?
    I can’t get the physical book because it’s already sold out. 😦
    I’m well aware that this is kind of late. When I just got that money, the book are not there anymore at my local bookstore. 😦
    I never trust online shop because I’ve been ripped several times by purchasing online, so I guess, that’s that. What will I do with the arts? I want to make reference esp the FE8 and the old FEs. X3
    Your help is very, very much appreciated. Thanks in advance for taking your short time reading this pathetic rq.

    • Silver Arrows said,

      What? The whole thing? Isn’t all the character artwork available on the FE wikia anyway? I’m pretty sure all the art has been released before.

      ETA: Haha, just had a look on eBay. And to think I thought £40 was expensive XD XD

      • FirEFan said,

        I thought it’s impossible too. Never mind. Sorry for suddenly asking.
        Have a nice day. 🙂

        • Silver Arrows said,

          It is too much. If there are a few particular characters you’d like me to take a photo of, I can do that. But not the whole book. But as I said, most of the artwork will already be on And I think there are photos of a lot of the pages online already: serenesforest and

  2. Perez said,

    Could you scan Gatrie, Gareth, Muarim and Boyd artwork? Thanks in advance!

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