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4 December 2009 at 18:02 (Artwork, Random Randomness) (, , )

I haven’t given up on the art lessons yet 😦 ARGH! I still feel like I’m stuck at the same level and not getting any better. Meh. Faia Emburemu style is too hard for me 😦

silver arrows 09
Well, you can kinda tell who they’re supposed to be, right? Right?? Uhhhhhhhhhh 😦

Chibis are easier. These came out better:
silver arrows 09
Bodies still look lame though. C’est trop difficile pour moi. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!



  1. lactosuria said,

    your drawing is AMAZING!!! ok can you like draw Pit right now? I like drawing but im not really that good lol

    Silver’s Reply: Thank you! Umm… haven’t tried drawing Pit for a while; my previous attempts were pants, to be honest. I’ll have to give it a go when I finally get round to illustrating my crappy fanfic, so we’ll see :mrgreen:

    • lactosuria said,

      lol They’re good; you’re kinda like the type that could draw Anime cartoons like that from Mangas 🙂 I bet that drawing Kirby would be really easy for you, as in he doesn’t wear pants or anything lol

      Silver’s Reply: Thanks! Surprisingly, I’ve tried drawing Kirby once before and he looked like a jelly XD I’m not so good at drawing other people’s characters (if you’ve ever seen my attempts to draw Naruto characters, you’d see what I mean); I tend to do better with OCs and chibis.

      • lactosuria said,

        lmao i no what you mean, my cozin keeps nagging me (still does) about drawing Sasuke & Sakura from Naruto XD, i tend to make up an excuse on the spot lol.

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