Back to the Drawing Board

27 February 2009 at 22:39 (Artwork, Kid Liquorice, Random Randomness) (, )

Il faisait beau aujourd’hui. It’s surprising how much better one feels when the sun is shining. In any case I’m feeling happy enough to start my drawing lessons – as my regular readers (all one of them) will have noticed, there’s been a bit of a hiatus in the drawing lessons department. Anyways, I’m having another go. So let’s see what wonders I’ve managed to come up with!

copyright silver arrows 2009 all rights reserved

This is the assignment that caused me to give up on the drawing lessons in the first place. A bit iffy, hmm? He didn’t give many helpful hints. The mountains totally spoil the picture, don’t they? I didn’t get that bit (and in fact, I’ve erased a few of the worst bits so the real thing looks actually worse). And it seems I’ve forgotten how to draw water 😦

Anyway, I am still on the lesson of trees. Here’s one I made earlier:

copyright silver arrows 2009 all rights reserved

yAy! Groovy!

Moar: well also besides landscapey things you know I also want to be able to draw decent anime-style peoples. Profile views are still a pain for me – the pokemon style is the easiest but not always what I want. Anyway what I have found is a super tutorial by Crysa on deviantArt. However when it comes to drawing profile-views she just says, ‘this is how side views look’ and leaves it at that. Helpful! So I’ve been doing a bit of… um… investigating! for want of a better word and discovered something:

faces and tings

Because the way I’ve learnt to draw is, always break everything down into its component parts and then construct the picture. So that’s what I did – I traced Crysa’s sample face and broke it down and you can see my amazing discoveries for yourself. My Kid Liquorice underneath is the result of these discoveries and was drawn utterly freehand using only the basic shapes and lines as a guide (ignore the crappy hair that was done roughly cos I was concentrating on her face).

So start with a circle, note down the radius, then at eye-level, draw a vertical line equal to the radius length to get the length to the chin and the length of the nose. Then from the base of that line, draw another line at a right angle, again same size as the radius, to get the position of the front of the neck. Super fantasticness!!

copyright silver arrows 2009 all rights reserved

That’s me trying to draw Apollo cos he crops up fairly often in Dreamsong. Hmm, back to the drawing board I think!

Anyway whenever I try to draw a new character it ends up looking too similar to one of my existing characters. Sooooooooo, I’ve splashed out (£15 yes) on this book of How to Draw Anime and Gaming Characters, Vol1. I’ve looked at the e-book and it convinced me to bankrupt myself on buying the actual in fact real book. But I’m hoping it will be a worthwhile investment because…

I can haz commission!!


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