More Pit Screens

5 January 2009 at 22:16 (Kid Icarus, Random Randomness) (, , , , , )


Trust me, the mirror shield works on ALL his attacks. I clocked Boss Battles wooooo yeah!

DANGER !!!!!!

See, it works on Master Hand, too

I actually rather like his red outfit now. But the green one is just *ick*.

Run, Pit!

No, no, really, Lucario was on my side. It’s Classic mode.

What are Mike and Arth doing? I don’t knowicus.

A throwback to his N Team days. “Yaaaaaieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”


1 Comment

  1. Pit_Crazed said,

    Love the last one Rabid Fangirl it’s so lol

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