Come on, Sonic is better than Mario!

5 January 2009 at 22:06 (Random Randomness) (, , , , , , )

Mario is ghaaaaaaaaaaaaayness yeah!

I haz more screenies.

Sonic pwns mario yeah!

Sonic is just too cool for skool yeah!

I play as Samus a lot these days. But really, her Zero Suit! Put some clothes on, woman!

I hate that reset thing!!!

La la la Link

‘OMG Link, I don’t believe it!’

Team Ike in Classic on intense difficulty. Are they having a laugh??

Link does a double take. ‘We’re friends aren’t we? Didn’t we used to both be on the N Team?’

Hold it! Dere are more piccehs!


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  1. lucas wide said,

    look here Sonic is not better than mario,Mario is not better than sonic, there the same! now you might be a sonic fan who thinks that sonic is better than Mario there friends! so dont go saying that Mario is [watch your language! Can’t you read the rules?] please!

    Silver’s Reply: there = at, in or to a place or position.
    they’re = they are
    The difference; learn it, love it.

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