Superstar Sindy

9 December 2008 at 22:46 (Artwork, Random Randomness) (, , , , , )

Ummm… abstract photography!

copyright silver arrows 2008 all rights reserved

It’s Superstar Sindy! I got her as a present when I was 3 and I still have her. Her legs broke at the knees within a few weeks of getting her, but overall she is in better condition than my later Sindys. Well her limbs are at least still attached to her body. I lost her microphone at Nursery though. My teacher told me to stop holding on to it and give it to her to look after but she put it away and I never saw it again. It was a long long time before I got over the loss. In actual fact *sniff* I’m still not over it 😦

She is in Pitto’s cage in this shot – ‘Let me outicus!’


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