MOAR Smash Bros Screenshots

11 November 2008 at 18:25 (Kid Icarus, Random Randomness, Screenshots) (, , , )

I did say I was going to fill and fill and fill this blog with Pit pics till I’m sick. But I’m also treating you to some other pics too. Enjoy 🙂

King Dedede getting Angel-ringed :mrgreen:

Link looking as yummy as ever

I can to be dazed 😦

‘You’re too slow!’

‘Now I’ll show you!!’

He showed ‘im all right

My sister loves Marth

I don’t know either. A boxing match?

‘No! Let me go-icus!!’
Now that is what I call a melee!! I was actually fighting against two Marths at level 9… no, I didn’t win, but I gave them a run for their money anyway!

You know, I just love Pit

I just said I love Pit


Surfin… ur doin it qwite well akshually

I can still haz more pics but if I post them up I’ll start hyperventilating. I played 2 against 1 team brawl with my sisters (i.e. them two against me by my lonesome) and I still took nearly every battle to sudden death and even then I stil beat them twice out of about 6 matches. Hah!) And yes I am back to level 8 again 😀 I used my Violet Elizabeth tactic:

Level 8 CPUs: We won’t let you win!
Me: [calmly] All right then, I’ll thquee. I’ll thquee and thquee and thquee till I’m thick. I can!
Level 8 CPUs: Okay then, win if you want. We don’t care.


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