Pit’s Revenge – Part One

29 October 2008 at 18:44 (Kid Icarus, Random Randomness, Screenshots) (, , , )

A short non-story. Just for the lulz :mrgreen:

Pit suffers Great Aether
Ike unleashes Great Aether on Pit.
‘No! Stopicus!!!!!!!!’

Pit returns to Skyworld to lick his wounds.
‘You’ll pay for this, you rotten eggplanticus!!!!’
Kid Liquorice informs him that Ike is on his way to Skyworld to settle the matter, so Pit spends a bit of time practising his attacks.

‘Wowicus!! That is one cool flower!!’

Pit waits ages, but Ike doesn’t show up. Kid Liquorice scornfully says that Ike is probably too much of a coward to come and fight Pit on his own home turf.

Pit agrees with her and eventually dozes off.

Ike sneaks up to Pit and laughs. ‘Ha ha ha!’ he cries. ‘You’ll get no sympathy from me!’

But Pit leaps up and wields his blades.
‘I did not get where I am by falling for that trick!’

‘The fight is on!!’

Ike’s had enough.
‘No! Mercy!! Please!!!’

‘All righticus, but set foot on Skyworld again and I’ll give you what for!!’
But Ike’s pride is hurt… will this be the end of the matter..?

No, it won’t. Here is part two!


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