Silver Arrows’s Pit Screenie Bonanza!!!!!

26 October 2008 at 22:42 (Kid Icarus, Random Randomness, Screenshots) (, , , )

I got my SD cards :mrgreen: The pics look better on the TV screen, they look very pixelated here though 😦 For some reason the pics are anti-aliased on the Wii, but not when transferred to PC. I don’t get it. Click to view full size

Pit arrows
Pit’s just fired a light arrow. Or I think he just stopped the angel ring.

Pit Sky World Flying
Gold Pit in Sky World

Pit's down taunt

Pit’s down taunt… so beautiful

pit down taunt
From another angle

Gold Pit in Sky World again

pit final smash
All troops…

pit final smash

Pit light sabre
Pit with a light sabre. I love this one

pit gliding my favourite and my besticus
*heart eyes*

sonic falling
Sonic fall

ike and sonic
:mrgreen: Ike!! Behind you!

More later!

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