Silver Arrows’s Nunchuk o’ Luck

22 October 2008 at 22:42 (Kid Icarus, Random Randomness) (, , , )

I’ve started playing Smash Bros with the nunchuk now and – wow – what a difference! I can actually do Pit’s glide move now. Very funky! Grabs are also a lot easier. Smash attacks took a bit of getting used to but now I’ve got the hang of it I’m on a roll!!

Also, we’ve been trying to do the 100 man brawl for a long time, I don’t know how many times we’ve attempted it, at least 30 I’d say. The most we got was 99 and then I fell off. (Usually though (9/10 times) it’d be my sis who fell off cos she plays as Ike and Ike’s recovery is the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever seen).That was, of course, until I started using the amazing
nunchuk of luck
and first go, we got all 100 before we even realised it!

That is one lucky nunchuk.

We also got a record of 128 in Endless brawl! Spiffing, eh?

Now even more impressive – hold your breath – I have been able to take on 2 CPUs at LEVEL 8!! Yes, level 8!!! I’ve also unlocked Toon Link, he was a pain in the butt, but here is the strange thing. Smash Wiki says:

Complete Classic Mode with Link after beating the Subspace Emissary or find and defeat him in a secret room in “The Forest” after completing Subspace Emissary. Some people have reported not being able to unlock Toon Link in any way after unlocking Luigi.

Link and Toon Link

We haven’t even completed the Subspace Emissary yet. We got stuck on The Cave (25%) and had to get our big sis to play it for us, but we didn’t do any levels after that. So how did I unlock Toon Link if the only way to get him is to finish Subspace???

Oh wait, hang on, I get it now. You can either get him that way, or by playing 400 brawls. I see, you don’t need to do both. Crumbs! All righticus, all we’ve got left now is Wolf.

In happier news… Wait, lemme start that again. One day in Rabid Fangirl Land, Silver Arrows purchased a cool twin pack of 2GB SD cards for only £7.99 pounds!! AND I have convinced sis not to delete my snapshots (she had to agree because she has Ike pics now!!). Which means… you know what it means don’t you? It means the rabid fangirl is going to fill and fill and fill this blog with Pit pictures until she’s sick! And I never will be. Rabid fangirls FTW!!!


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