SecuROM IS also used on non-gaming software

2 October 2008 at 22:41 (Random Randomness) (, )

I can confirm that it WAS the DSA Driving Theory Test CD that infected our PC with SecuROM again facepalm That nasty bit of malware was back on my sister’s profile, so it definitely wasn’t the Castaway this time. I CureSecurom’d her profile again, deleted cmdline-whatsitsname.dll and checked regedit. SecuROM was nuked. We then put the DSA CD in, launched the program and checked regedit again: lo and behold, Screw-u-ROM was back. However it does seem to be a ‘lighter’ version, as a lot of the things reported by Securom-infected Sims players weren’t present. Even so, I am not happy about this.

What makes this even worse is the fact that this is OFFICIAL DSA software – DSA being the Driving Standards Agency and an agent of the Department for Transport, which is a government department – meaning that an agent of the government now sees fit to infect our PCs with malware.

This is the product in question – beware guys, it’s infected, and even worse, you can’t even get a crack for it, because who would want to make one?

Update: For those who need to use this software and are wondering what to do: I’m not sure about the most recent release, but on the version my sister used, the SecuROM wasn’t as aggressive as the one from Neverwinter Nights that infected our PC the first time. So running CureSecuROM (available here) after you use it each time, and deleting cmdlineedit.dll and uaservice7.exe if present, should be enough to stop any problems. Just remember that even profiles that didn’t run the software can still get infected, so be sure to tell other users to check their profiles for the malicious files.

The next thing to do is write a very strong letter of complaint to the DSA for installing malware on your PC without your consent or knowledge, which I’m pretty sure is illegal. After all, with the crazy new EU cookie law, surely installing malware secretly is worse than a cookie file?


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