Oh… it’s gone again!!

19 August 2008 at 22:44 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , )

Utterly brilliant! It’s gone!

stoopid suckurom

That was easier than I thought! There’s a non-techie way! Whew!

ETA: It looks like it might not have been a game that was responsible after all. I’ve discovered that (my sister’s) Official DSA Theory Test (i.e. the driving theory test) CD has the Sony DADC thing on it too, but most of the stuff mentioned in the MATY thread (e.g. securom folder in your settings folder, the uaservice7.exe thing) weren’t present. So maybe it was a less aggressive form of Suck-u-ROM? Still Suck-u-ROM though. Cool, so now even government owned institutions are trying to take over our PCs.

*thinks for a while*

… actually there’s nothing surprising about that at all.

ETA Part II : Actually I think it was my sister’s Castaway after all


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  1. Jfederated said,

    Hi! I found yer bloggins while idly googling ‘complaints about securom’; yours was the last link on the first page of results.


    I am off to further investigate. There is much win here. 🙂

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