Cured… I think?

16 August 2008 at 18:08 (Kid Icarus, Random Randomness)

It seems my Kid Icarus mania has abated a bit. At least I think it has. I won’t know for sure until I find a KI pic that I don’t already have and manage to not hyperventilate. But I think the worst of it’s over now, what a relief. I want a new Pit wallpaper for my desktop, I’ve had this one for a month, which is too long. Of course I had a few screenshots saved on the Wii – which my sister deleted most of – and I had just a couple of days ago figured out how to put the SD card in and decided that I was going to secretly borrow my mum’s SD card anyway, then my sis decided to pack her Wii up.

So that’s that then.

I don’t know why it is, I always have to have some kind of mania. Perhaps I’m suffering from something.

Apart from my sister’s deleting my Pit pictures and packing up the Wii.

I wonder what it’ll be next? It won’t be something new, because I haven’t anything new to be mad about, so it’ll probably be MCoG again, or maybe doll’s houses, or perhaps astronomy. Probably doll’s houses I think, it’s been about a year since the last time.

I would so utterly love to have a real doll’s house of my very own. The problem with doll’s houses is – they are very expensive. The other problem is – I don’t have much money. The third problem is – no one wants to employ me.

To be honest, I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t employ me either.

I have the Dolls House Emporium catalogue and it is exceptionordinarily interesting. I can look at it for hours and hours and not get bored. And I tick off all the things I would buy if I had a doll’s house even though I probably never will.

What I think is, if you can’t have a thing you really want, the next best thing is to dream about it. This only works with things you want in fact, or things you really want. Not with things you desperately want, because stopping dreaming makes it harder and anyway, it’s too sad. And what happens generally is, you dream about other things instead and eventually you forget slightly, and then after lots of time has gone past, you realise that maybe you don’t want that thing so badly after all.

It’s like what it says in

that it’s easier to add more things than to take things away, i.e. for example, buying more books is easier than selling your old books, especially if you are fond of reading, which I am. And it’s the same with thoughts, that if you are thinking sad thoughts, then you can think about happier things instead – for example, having wings – and they crowd out the bad thoughts and before you know it the bad thoughts have no space left and are gone, at least for a while. There was something like it in The Secret Garden as well – where you tend a rose, my lad, a thistle cannot grow – although I’ve no qualms with thistles as a rule; goldfinches like them.

I am utterly not hyperventilating.


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