Why Can Pit Fly?

7 August 2008 at 19:28 (Kid Icarus, Random Randomness) ()

People sometime ask, why can Kid Icarus fly in Captain N when he can’t in the game, and why is he called Kid Icarus and not Pit?


Remember Pit killed Medusa at the end of Kid Icarus, but in Captain N she is still alive and Kid turns her to stone?


So Captain N is obviously set before anything in the game happens. Even before he became Captain of Palutena’s Army. The reason he is only ever called by his nickname of Kid Icarus in Captain N is because, of course, Nintendo said that they can’t name-check his game if he wasn’t.

kid icarus

Okay, so he looks a bit different now but this is Videoland, right?

After the N-Team save Videoland from Mother Brain, Kid is sent to train in Pally’s Army and rises to the level of Captain (and loses the speech defecticus – awww).


Of course he is still a kid, because angels age much much slower than humans, being immortal and all that. Then he gets kidnapped by Medusa, who clips his wings (and perhaps even breaks a few bones) to stop his escaping and that’s why he can’t fly in Kid Icarus, and that’s why he can fly in Brawl, because of course, his primaries have grown back. In Of Myths and Monsters (the sequel to Angel Land Story), Pit’s wings have some functionality, which just goes to back up my theory, that his flight feathers were still growing back and his wings still healing at that time.

kid icarus

You see, it’s so simple.

When you think about it.

Okay, I totally made this up, but it’s the only explanation that makes sense to me. I mean, he lives in Skyworld, he’d need to be able to fly. Stands to reason, doesn’t it? Why have wings if you can’t fly? I’m going with this theory for my Skyworld Story anyway. I like my stories to make sense.



  1. brett said,

    Only one problem with your theory… Captian N is not part of Nintendo’s Canon.

    Silver’s Reply: Only one problem with your observation: Rabid Fangirl does not give a damn :mrgreen:

  2. Duskinator said,

    Hmm…Makes sense I guess. But if Medusa clipped his wings and he’s growing his flight feathers back, why can’t he fly (at least a bit) in Kid Icarus: Uprising? And since he can’t in Kid Icarus: Uprising, where does Brawl come in the timeline?
    I agree with what Brett said though. Captain N doesn’t count as part of Nintendo history. But I’m glad they made it anyway-icus. I love Kid Icarus in that! Except for that episode when he wishes himself big. That kinda freaked me out.


    • Silver Arrows said,

      But that one was hilarious maximus! Uprising doesn’t count (check the blog post’s date). I like things to make sense, even if I have to manipulate the official story to do so 😀


  3. HubyDubySweet said,

    But you know, that Pit can’t fly because he had an accident when he was a kid? (See ‘Ikaros’ in Wikipedia)
    Furthermore, Pit JUMPS in Smash, not fly. (See Palutena’s Guidance in Smash Bros. Wii U)

    • Silver Arrows said,

      Oooooh except Pit isn’t Icarus! Ha!

      No, he does fly in SSBB.

      *Headcanon intact*

      Nice try!

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