More Awww!!

1 August 2008 at 18:39 (Kid Icarus, Random Randomness)

My favourite and my best! I haven’t gone on a rabid fangirl frenzy lately, so I’m well overdue for one.

Ahhhh! Poetry in motion!

I told you he looks nicest in black. I would have preferred the wings to stay white though

“Wake up, Kid Icarus!” Too-too too too too too-too!

I used to wonder, why does he say The Trip? WTH is the trip? He is actually saying, All troops! MOVE OUT!! His eyes glow green when he does that, it’s kinda scary. But his final smash is mega coooooool! Who’s the gal at the back? It’s Palutena, who he had to save not once, but twice! He should change his victory line to Not-so-great Palutena! Victory is ours!

Leave her in the cage, Pit!

That’s enough rabid fangirlism for today.


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