yAy! I clocked Kid Icarus!

21 July 2008 at 19:05 (Kid Icarus, Random Randomness) (, , )

Hehe, didn’t know that you could play Kid Icarus on the Wii 😉

Here we are on the last level. How will Pit make it with such low HP?
kid icarus

But we did! And now it’s time to battle Medusa! Yaaiieeee!!!!

Watch out, Kid!

Eat dirt, scumbag! And she’s downicus! Nice work, Pit!

Here comes his favourite Palutena.

Aww! See how sweeticus he is! Hang on, wait! Hey, no, wait! What’s going on?!

No! No!!!!!!!!!! He isn’t cute anymore! Change him back, missis, or else!

Whew! Crisis averted! That’s much better, thank you.

Yes, indeed Pit’s struggle continues. First up is Ikey!

Carry on fighting for your friends, dude! Your days are numbered!

Okay, you wanna know how I clocked Kid Icarus so easily? Meh, you’ve probably guessed. Its
8uuuuu uuuuuu
uuuuuu uuuuuu

So now you know.


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