My Favourite Captain N Scenes

17 July 2008 at 19:01 (Kid Icarus, Random Randomness) (, , )

My favourite and best scenes from Captain N – The Game Master

Episode 9 – Nightmare on Mother Brain’s Street

This has some of the best scenes :mrgreen: I don’t know, maybe you have to actually watch them for real to find them funny.

1mothermirrorMother Brain: Metroid mirror on the wall
Am I the cutest of them all?

Mirror: Princess Lana’s the cutest chick,
You’re so ugly you make me sick!

Mother Brain: What do you know, twerp! I will be the most beautiful woman in Videoland! And you, Eggplant Wizard, are going to help me do it!

Eggplant Wizard: Wh – who, me?

Mother Brain: Yes, you! You can start by making me an apple!

Eggplant Wizard:Whatever you say, Mother Bwain!
Magic words with which I grapple, make this brain a big juicy apple!

Mother Brain: You idiot! I don’t want to be an apple! I want to have an apple!

Mother Brain’s voice is the best. She’s voiced by Levi Stubbs.

Eggplant Wizard: C-c-cool off, Mother Brain, or you’ll become a baked apple!

Lana eats the deep sleep apple and warps into the Nightmare Zone.

Kevin: What have you done to the Princess?

Mother Brain: What’s the matter? Don’t you like fairy tales? You remember this one. The beautiful princess eats a poisoned apple and falls into a deep sleep. And the handsome prince –

– huh, I suppose that’s you – has to wake her out of the spell.

Kevin: It’s also the one where the prince destroys the ugly witch, isn’t it?

Eggplant Wizard: That’s the one!
Mother Brain: Shut up, you mental midget! You know to hurry, Captain N. The princess is in Castle Ironspire, and if she isn’t awakened before midnight, she’ll sleep forever! Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Megaman and Kid Icarus are left to hold the fort while Kevin, Simon and Duke search for the princess. See how cute Kid is in this one! For a veteran warrior, he is certainly very naive and innocent!

Kid Icarus: Do you think Kevinicus and Simonius have found Her Highnicus yet?
Megaman: I hope so. I’ve got a feeling something mega bad is about to happen.

Eggplant Wizard: We interrupt this programme to bring you a special Eggplant bulletin. The Palace of Power is under attack!

Kid Icarus: What’s he talking about? There’s no one here but us-icus!

Eggplant Wizard: That’s what you think!

Kid Icarus: How did you do that?

Eggplant Wizard: With Dr Wiley’s newest invention, the TV warpzone remote control!

Megaman: Lemme at him! I’ll mega punch him… and mega kick him… and mega chop him!
King Hippo: Yeah? And I’m gonna give you a mega belly bomb!

Kid Icarus: All right you rotten eggplanticus, you’re gonna serve time in the palace gaol!

Eggplant Wizard: And I’m gonna serve you first!

He did it again! He did it again!
Kid Icarus: Yaaiiiieeee!

Eggplant Wizard: And now for my mackintosh backhand! [I think that’s like a McEnroe backhand]
Kid Icarus and Megaman: Hey!

Oh no! They got warped to the Nightmare Zone!

Simon Belmont: What a horrible dream I’ve just had!
Kid Icarus: Me too-icus! I dreamt my bow attacked me!
Aww look at him, poor thing!
(Si vous ne comprennez pas, Kid Icarus s’assoit sur les jambes de Simon, ca va? :mrgreen:)



  1. Rareamos said,

    Interesting, Mother Brain, Mother Apple hahaha

  2. David said,

    Great page.
    We sell Original CAPTAIN N Production cels.
    if you collect let me know.

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