Zoo Tycoon 2

29 June 2008 at 18:45 (Random Randomness, Screenshots) (, , , )

Aww, I love Zoo Tycoon!

asian elephant
Young Asian elephant taking a dip

black panther
Black Panther. I put them with the jaguars and they kept attacking and killing each other

boy swimming
He complained that the zoo was not amusing enough for him, so I chucked him into the water in the tundra exhibit. Bet that woke him up a bit!

desert jeep
The thing that’s most annoying about tours is that no matter how many tour objects and theme areas your create, the idiot punters are always completely oblivious to 90% of them. Then they complain, ‘The tour was fairly boring. I’d like to see more themed areas.’ Oh shut up!!!

sky tour
Likewise with the sky tours. Look how many Safari theme objects I have. And yet they don’t even notice them! Then they complain that they’d like to see more Safari theme objects on the tour. Idiots! Geddout my zoo!!

Flamingos are nice, they mostly take care of themselves.

And now some endangered species:

galapagos giant tortoise
Galapagos Giant Tortoise, yes!!!!!

giant panda
Giant pandas are nice and cost $50,000. But they are always moaning about their social needs.

przewalskis horse
Przewalski’s Wild Horse. I have no idea how to pronounce that, so don’t ask. These are my fave endangered species in the game. I read in the DK Children’s Encyclopedia that none are left in the wild, which is very sad.

And now I am going to play Zoo Tycoon 2.



  1. Uni said,

    ive got complete collection aand it is fun man only i wish that in you know you can chuk the visitors around so they get eaten im playing

  2. Justin Bieber said,

    I love this game i play it every time i get to.It is so fun to me and i like to mess with guest who dont like my zoo!

    Silver’s Reply: Bieber Fever Fever Fever!!!

    • chloe said,

      r u really justin beiber

      Silver’s Reply: Can’t be. The spelling is too good.

  3. Patrícia2000 said,

    where can I get a horse zoo tycoon 2 games?

  4. Patrícia2000 said,

    where to download the Zoo Tycoon 2 mustang horses, or game?

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