King Hag

5 June 2008 at 23:09 (Random Randomness)

Wise Old King

King Hagan listens contently to your words of wisdom…

“It’s a sad day when you can no longer trust like the greed of the baby Doglefox,” you conjecture thoughtfully.

He ponders all that you have said.

Wow! King Hagan is very impressed.

King Hagan Says:
Ahh, brilliant! It’s good to know there are intelligent Neopians out there.
I give you an A+! (767 out of 1000)
You must take this gift from me.

King Hagan hands you:

Advanced Learning

He also gives you 397 Neopoints!


1 Comment

  1. NejiFreak115 said,

    I tried that and he yelled at me, he didn’t do any thing. He didn’t give me anything, he insulted me.

    Silver’s Reply: I think it’s all random to be honest. Though I think some times are luckier than others, I’m sure there’s a guide somewhere online n_n

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