Will you be buying the Sims 3?

29 May 2008 at 17:23 (Previous Polls) ()

Poll results

  • Yup, as soon as it comes out! (32.3% / 30 votes)
  • Yes, but not until there are a few decent EPs (20.4% / 19 votes)
  • No way! (12.9% / 12 votes)
  • Does the word ‘warez’ mean anything to you? 😉 (34.4% / 32 votes)

1 Comment

  1. sig said,

    No the DRM is draconian, I am boycotting all EA games and NO I do not pirate games, but I am annoyed that their anti-piracy software could hurt my computer/game and leave me out of pocket with no customer support that cares.

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