Cherry Pie

28 May 2008 at 20:15 (Random Randomness, Screenshots) (, )

Ayyy!! I managed to finally get a 5 star Sim! This is Cherry Pie, she be #1 pop singer 😀

Karaoke stage
Nice big fanbase
I took loadsa pics of her performing the music videos, but they didn’t save!!

Dancing Tiddler
Dance, Kitty, dance!

Cherry's awards
Posing with her trophy cabinet – 2 awards so far

Betty the Yeti
Betty the Yeti!
I didn’t know how to feed the cat on holiday, it almost starved to death, so I had to send Cherry back home after less than a day 😦


Relaxing at home
Relaxing at home


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  1. Ayatsuki said,

    oh do go on, I’m suffering the exact same problem- I started to get bored of the sims 2, so quickly, its more tiresome, I figured- since I was hooked on the first sims for way longer.

    BUT, I gave all of my sims1 games to a friend, and we lost contact.
    so I’m kind of stuck with everything on sims2, all of the expansion packs- that I dont really have the power to play and install (not that I bought it, so i dont mind not to.)

    and its fun having some nostalgia. :3

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