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24 May 2008 at 20:33 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , )

I haven’t ranted in ages. So now is the time for my sounding off!

My PC was once infected with SecuROM and we were no longer able to even backup our files (yeah, just back up our files, pictures, documents, suchlike) onto CD because SecuROM decided that anyone who wants to burn a CD is automatically a pirate and a crim. Stoopid load of rubbish EA.

Awesome quote from muridae @ MATY:

As I understand it, you only get the uaservice7.exe service installed if you’re running Bon Voyage under a limited (non-Adminstrator) account. SecuROM needs that service to give it administrator-like privilege in an account that shouldn’t have that, which to me is one of the more worrying low-level activities it gets up to on your computer.

Okay, rant over. Here are a few links for those who want to rant, or who might need a lil more convincing as to why SecuROM is NOT good for your PC. In fact, it is not even good for the publishers who stick this s___ on their customers’ PCs, and it’s about time they realised it.

So… Tada!


  1. angered said,

    B O Y C O T T E A

    F*** EA AND F*** SECUROM.
    I was always very anti pirating, but not any more.
    EA wants to treat me like a criminal, them I am obligated to make damn sure I deserve it.
    Pirates will still crack their pathetic DRM, all securom does is alienate legitimate users and push MORE people to buy pirated software to avoid the bulls**t pc-destroying securom.
    EA YOU ARROGANT F******S, F*** YOU!

    Silver’s Reply: I totally agree, but language, please.

  2. A Former Maxis Fan said,

    You do know that SecuCRAP has nothing-what-so-ever to do with preventing piracy don’t you?
    What this ‘DRM’ is about is changing the landscape of computer PC gaming.
    Where as in the past you purchase a game, it’s yours. You can play it when ever or how ever long you like. When you get tired of it/no longer want it, you could re-sell it (so long as you DIDN’T keep any copy of it after the sale).
    With this ‘DRM’ (and others to I guess?) you no longer own that copy of the game you bought, you’re just renting it. When the publisher/maker of the game decide that you’ve played it enough, they can kill it. Rental over. Thanks for buying…and buying….and buying.
    EA’s own CEO said as much in an interview. Wish I could remeber the link to it.

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