Aikea and Gelydh retire from FA…

23 April 2008 at 16:41 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , , )

… the torrents will stay up until T$R free-releases their work, but isn’t it strange, they’ve both decided to call it a day at the same time…
Aikea Guinea's farewell
Gelydh's farewell
Sorry about the blurry pics, this danged theme is so frickin’ narrow. Now could they… could they really be one and the same person?! :mrgreen:
Or perhaps they’re going to set up a free site together elsewhere… One can only hope…

Edit: It seems they are! From PMBD:

Fixed meshes from Aikea and Geyldh – hosting at their request while they get all of their content on their new site. Find these items under TSR/z-retiredartists/aikea/fixed_meshes_from_aikea and TSR/z-retiredartists/geyldh/fixed_meshes_from_geyldh.

Nice though, more departures from TSR – I bet Thoma$$ is weeping into his hanky. I’ve already removed two torrents, Juttaponath and Cloisonne, because they have both gone free! Gelydh and Aikea will make two more.


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  1. lala said,

    lol I have always suspected that they were the same person because their creations and images are identical, does seem a bit of a coincidence that they have made this move at the same time. Oh well!

    Silver’s Reply: LOL! Well, they insist on their new site that they are in fact two separate people, but still, you never know :mrgreen:

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