Sims 2 Trailer

21 March 2008 at 17:56 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , )

Yes, that did say Sims 2!

All I can say about this is, WHAT A SCAM! I didn’t play the first Sims game, I remember wanting it when it first came out, but not enough to actually buy it. But I do feel really sorry for those who saw this official TS2 trailer and thought: WOW! Sims 2 is gonna be great.

That is an absolute swizz. NOTHING in that video is genuine TS2 footage, the game is NOTHING like anything in that video. Sims don’t swing on ceiling fans, kids don’t set fire to carpets, none of the clothes, furniture, nothing really at all in that video is available in the actual game. What did I say about EA earlier? That they are a joke.

You can be sure that any official trailers for TS3 will likewise be pure fiction (or at the very least a very sugar-coated version of the truth). EA, like T$R, don’t care about their paying customers. Just about hoodwinking you into handing over your precious money.

And no, I won’t be buying TS3 either. And not just because my CCLOCIC can’t handle it.



  1. Michelle said,

    Hey, I’m sorry that you feel that way about the sims 3, most of the stuff in that video may not happen in that exact way but they did tell us the truth about the babies being able to be sick on you and that their are generations. I don’t regret buying the sims 2 many years ago, I love playing it, it’s the only game that lets you be fully in control of how you play, no particular levels for you to play, you decide whether your sim finds love, has problems or whether he gets abducted. The wedding stuff does come into the game though, we see that in a stuff pack, so swinging on ceiling fans though or setting fires, but the toddlers annoy the hell out of me when they play with the toilet and create massive puddles, thank god for FreeTime where they can now draw instead. I think Sims 3 will be great, it’s made by the same talented team that made the Sims 2 – it will once again put us in control of the gameplay and that’s all that matters with the sims. I’m hoping they’ll put pushchairs in for the toddlers, but who knows. Do you play the sims 2?

    Silver’s Reply: Hello, Michelle. Yes, I do play TS2 (umm, isn’t it obvious from the site??), and yes, I do enjoy playing it now and then. My point is that the trailer is misleading. Put simply, it was false advertising. The footage is represented as genuine TS2 footage, when in fact it is not. You may be okay with that, but I don’t like being lied to, and neither do many others.

  2. sig said,

    I will not be buying Sim3 either. I am waiting for a better game company to make a great simulation game without trying to rip off the customers left right and centre, and without Securom! I love the sims concept but I don’t like EA and I am boycotting them.

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