Fantasy Kudos Lottery

15 March 2008 at 20:05 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , , )

Members (and ex-members!) of T$R will be familiar with the kudos system they use on that site. Basically, it’s just a points system which allows you to buy various ‘upgrades’ (I use that term oh-so-loosely) and other site goodies (and I also use that term loosely). You can earn your K points by submitting creations, commenting on others’ work, and taking out a paid subscription. Anyway, one of the above-mentioned goodies is a monthly lottery, which costs, I think, 500 kudos points, and gives you the chance to win an expansion pack. Of course, this is very tempting to cash-strapped kiddies, but how many of these cash-strapped kiddies ever win?

Here is a little story written by Zayury, from The Anti-T$R Blog.

Kudos Fantasy
Click to read

The site seems to have been taken down 😦 I don’t know if this is because Zayury pulled it (why!?!) or if T$R had a hand in it. In any case, the winners were chosen by Atwa anyway.


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