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28 February 2008 at 22:02 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , )

Okay, so I was planning on having Lana’s story wrapped up by now, but as you can see, February is nearly over and I still haven’t taken any more pics, so it looks like it’s been postponed once again. And don’t even ASK me to start on part 7 of Jasmine’s story, cos it ain’t gonna happen!

At least not for a very long time.

So the latest update is that there will be no update. You know what? I’ve actually started playing Sims 2 again, as opposed to just using it as a screenshot tool. But it’s started to get a little bit repetitive, again.

FreeTime still hasn’t been released here, not that I give a damn since I have no desire to purchase anything with that Suck-u-ROM on it, but here is something funny for you to look at, a screenshot of the Freetime BodyShop, by Calalily:

FreeTime EULA
Yup, possibly the best screenshot of the lot. But will it stop paysites?

Will it hell!


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