Paysite Hypocrisy

15 February 2008 at 18:15 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , , )

The real theft

No doubt Thoma$$ et al @ TSR consider me to be a thief because I put their pay stuff up on the torrents. They call this violation of copyright and the artists’ TOS. But how about this?

I want you to take a look at these two pay items, one by Gelydh and one by Aikea Guinea, both Featured Artists at TSR at the time of writing. Both of these items are subscriber-only. Let’s start with Gelydh. Here is a skirt she made. Have a look at the tooltip in BodyShop and you’ll see it says © Gelydh at TSR.

Gelydh’s skirt

Now look at these two Maxis items. Anything look familiar?

Maxis Skirt Maxis Boots

So what Gelydh’s done is simply rip Maxis meshes, tweak them a little, then paste Maxis’s textures onto that modified Maxis mesh. Nothing wrong with that, though, isn’t that why Maxis gave us BodyShop? Of course. But then Gelydh then has the nerve to assert copyright over and charge money for something that is not even her intellectual property! So how dare she or anyone at TSR attack those of us who fileshare pay content?

Let’s have a look at Aikea Guinea’s work next. Here is one of her jeans.

Aikea’s Jeans

Very nice. Now let’s look at a pair of Maxis jeans. These came with Nightlife for adult males.

Maxis Jeans

Wow! What a surprise! The jeans’ textures are exactly the same! Yet if you ask Thoma$$ who owns the copyright, I wonder what answer he’ll give..?

I’m sure you can find plenty more examples of pay artists stealing Maxis work, pasting on a big copyright sign and then charging you money for it. Now just ask yourself, who are the real thieves?


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