Hannibal Brutus II

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Hannibal Brutus II

Having thwarted Hannibal Brutus’s plans to take over the world, you and your ally set about restoring these lands to their former glory. However, there are rumours that Hannibal Brutus is roaming the lands looking for vengeance… and you are top of his hit-list.

Hannibal Brutus Undead The Apprentice
The undead Hannibal Brutus and his apprentice

A breathless messenger runs up to you. “Hannibal,” he gasps. “They… he… they’ve seen him!”

“Hannibal Brutus?” you ask. The messenger nods. “But we destroyed him… Surely there must be some mistake. He was fatally wounded in the battle. We saw him die with our very eyes.”

The messenger collapses with exhaustion. Something very strange is going on. Hannibal Brutus died. You saw it. So who did ‘they’ see?

3 days later…

“I have some important news for you,” your chief advisor says. “Close the door, I do not want anyone else to hear. What I have to say may cause widespread panic and mass hysteria among your people.”

“Well, out with it!” you cry. Your chief advisor closes the door.

“It’s Hannibal,” he says. “We’ve seen him.”

“Hannibal?! No no this can’t be! He DIED. We all saw him, you included!”

“His apprentice survived,” the chief advisor whispers. “I don’t know how he did it – or when – but somehow he has brought Hannibal back from the dead.”

“This is bad news,” you sigh. “And you’re sure it’s him? Is there no possibility of mistaken identity?”

“It’s him all right. There’s no mistake. It’s Hannibal.”

“So what now?” you ask.

“He must be defeated once and for all. His empire collapsed with his death, but now he is trying to rebuild it. You must destroy it all. His apprentice is stronger than we thought. He must be annihilated too, or they will again return.”

“Consult the Magi, they have scouts all over the underworld,” says your advisor. “They may help you track him down. They have a base on an island to the east. I’m sure you can rely on your allies for help, too.”

This is it. It’s all out war. Hannibal Brutus and his Apprentice must be found and DESTROYED.

2 days later…

A messenger from your ally arrives with a letter. You read: “We have located the base of Hannibal. He lives in a barren, icy place in the underworld. His powers were lost with him when he died. He is having to relearn all that he lost.

“Do not underestimate the power of his apprentice. We hear that he is now more powerful than even Hannibal was in his past life. The lack of resources in their lands may hamper their ability to build. They are also located on opposite sides so communication between them will be hard.

“We are launching a Search and Destroy operation against Hannibal and anyone in league with him. Be wary of the undead, we hear they have strong ties to him now that he is one of them. We ask you to help us in our mission. Be careful and good luck.”

1 day later…

Another ruler, Shirrack, is competing for these lands. You hear he is sometimes quite pally with Hannibal, but it seems that Shirrack has done something to upset him. In any case, it’s best to keep your guard up against him.

1 week later…

A letter arrives from Hannibal’s Apprentice: “You do not stand a chance against us. We offer you a truce if you leave these lands and hand over your towns to us.”

You tear up the letter. You will never give in to this ruthless tyrant.


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