Hannibal Brutus

23 December 2007 at 22:23 (Random Randomness) (, , )

Hannibal Brutus I – A custom map for Heroes 3

Hannibal Brutus has already taken over the underworld and iced over the land. Defeat him and his minnion before they take over your nation too.

Hannibal Brutus The Apprentice
Hannibal Brutus and his apprentice

Your two allies in the underworld were once flourishing nations. Three months ago, Hannibal Brutus launched an unexpected attack on them, despite having apparently come on a peaceful diplomatic mission.

The two nations were quickly annihilated, all traces of their presence blown into oblivion. Now Hannibal Brutus is making the land an extension of his already powerful empire. He has already laid the foundations for a town, thought to be the new capital of his empire.

Resistance to Hannibal Brutus’s empire is growing within these lands. You may find some fighters willing to sacrifice their lives in your cause.

Hannibal Brutus has a loyal apprentice – taught all he knows by Brutus – prepared to die on his behalf. You vow to get vengeance for the death of your friends and their people. Defeat the evil Hannibal Brutus or your kingdom will face the same fate that your two allies suffered.

One week later…

A messenger arrives with a crumpled parchment. You snatch it from him and read…

“Surrender now or face the power of my powerful magic!”

Another messenger appears behind the first one carrying a small leather bag. He hands it to you and you open it.

Inside is the head of your friend from the underworld.

You turn away in disgust. You are now more determined than ever to put an end to this evil. Hannibal Brutus must be stopped. The only way to do this is to destroy him.


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