If you’re waiting for part six of Raindrops and Tears…

21 November 2007 at 17:52 (Random Randomness, Sims 2)

… then you have a long wait ahead of you, my friend! I do have a lot of the shots and most of the text written (boy, is this chapter going to be long!) but – ARGH! there’s one scene where I need to get the four of them all sitting down and I think you need Uni to get them to do that. Yes, I KNOW that you can tell them to watch the clouds and then move them with moveobjects on, but that is SO tedious and getting it synchronised is too hard! I’m going to root through the various pose hacks, but none of the sitting poses I’ve tried so far are satisfactory.

So it looks like part six will not be ready until the middle of December at the earliest. Heh heh 😉

My game is behaving again, at least. I hold my hands up. It was entirely my own fault for playing in windowed mode.


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  1. Gayl said,

    Ah well I am willing to wait as long as it takes. Such a great story. I am curious though… since I use windowed mode a lot, what happened?

    Silver’s Reply: It blue-screened… that’s all! If you want the long version, it’s in this post. I don’t have a graphics card, which is probably why the game gets so upset 😉

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