Why not pay?

6 November 2007 at 19:25 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , , , )

More excellent info on why T$R doesn’t deserve your money, by Money Better Spent.

Link: Why Not Pay?

Et l’extract:

Leilatigress actually sat down with three members of the EA Legal team on August 27, 2007. This is available at PMBD but for those that don’t want to go look over there, it is posted here too. I asked her to cover a few topics, and here are the replies:

Q. EULA changes: TSR’s making a big deal over the removal of the word ‘noncommerical’ in the EULA for the content manager; is this a permanent change for all EPs/Bodyshop/Homecrafter?
A. It is a permanent change for Bodyshop and Homecrafter it is not going to be in any EPs. Turned right back around and said the EULA for Bon Voyage would match Seasons.

Q. Filesharing: It’s been suggested that the only problem EA has with PMBD is that we have adult content (Pandora/M&M/etc), and therefore they don’t want our link on the Exchange. However, there’s also a rumor that EA will stop PMBD/SFV filesharing altogether – in essence saying that paysites DO own their content. What’s the real story?
A. EA has nothing against filesharing since they have the exchange which promotes filesharing. They ignored the rest of that question.

Q. The various statements from tech suport/customer support/EA legal – obviously, there’s conflict. Some of it’s Maxoid issues, some of it’s ancient ties to TSR back when they were free. So what’s the story? WHO has final say?
A. Unless it’s signed by an EA Legal team member they have no say and are not held to be responsible for anything or anyone, EA Legal says.

Q. Obviously, the big thing we want is ANY clear statement – paysites good, paysites bad, filesharing good, filesharing bad, or ‘we don’t give a rat’s ass what happens in the fan community”.
A. Filesharing good, paysites bad was the statement I got and that is verbatim.


PS. EA is a joke


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