Well Behaved Game

30 October 2007 at 17:18 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) ()

Now I’m sure I’m jinxing this by saying it, but my game has been strangely well-behaved lately. As you might know, I’ve been reshooting a lot of pics. So far I’ve reshot the whole of Breaking Free and parts one and two of Raindrops; redoing some shots from parts three and four of the same; and shooting part 5 of Raindrops.

Here is the surprising bit.

My game did not bluescreen on me even once during these reshoots!

I can’t figure out what I did to deserve it! Usually the game will bluescreen on me after every 20 shots or so. So I’m trying to guess what’s changed that the game is behaving so well. I have had a massive clearout recently of all the custom content that I don’t use. A LOT of stuff went. Currently I’ve cleared out all the stuff I don’t need or use from BodyShop. I’m still purging the superfluous custom objects, walls etc from the game itself.

Nooooo! Not another bluescreen of death!

So now the game loads up a lot faster. Before I could take a walk around the block in the time it takes to load the game. Now I can just walk upstairs and back 😉


What is it with dodgy bookshelves? A pay bookshelf I recently used on a lot caused that lot to not load AT ALL. And on the one time it did load, it made all the Sims on the lot freeze. Another bookshelf I downloaded ages ago before that did the same thing.

Anyway, the strange absence of the bluescreen of death. Maybe it’s because I made a new town for the Cloud Magna stories. Frickin’ townies, I hate them. So that could be why. Maybe the game just likes it when there are fewer Sims? But I still don’t get it.

Even on Ash’s lot, which is kinda big (for my CCLOCIC*) it did pause a bit before the screenshot saved, but didn’t crash. Even when I turned reflections on, again there was a lag, but no bluescreen!

Just what the hell is going on?!

*Crappy crap load of crap Intel chipset


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