7 September 2007 at 21:20 (Random Randomness)


Cat-erole for dinner?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Fancy this for your dinner?

An Australian chef’s curiosity has definitely killed several cats – and turned the nation’s wild moggies into evening meals.

Feral cats roaming the Outback are being increasingly caught and cooked, and transformed into casseroles or stews.

Children’s author Kat Kessing (yes, that’s her real name) says the recipes are not only appetising but can also cut down the death and destruction caused by wild cats.

But critics say the concoctions are in very poor taste – in more ways than one.

Ms Kessing has been turning cats into food for 15 years, after managing to trap one near her Alice Springs home.

She said: ‘When I started to skin and gut it, I thought the meat looked quite nice. And I knew the Aboriginal mob roasted them on the fire and liked them.

‘I thought I’d have a go too – so I made a cat-erole.’

But she has only just publicly introduced her favourite recipe for sautéed cat, at an Outback food contest.

The meal involves chopping and browning two small feral cats, adding dashes of lemongrass, salt, pepper, wild peach, spinach leaves and mistletoe berries, and cooking on high heat for five hours.

Ms Kessing, 57, has also been working on extended menus, including roast cat and cat sausages.

She describes the taste as a cross between rabbit meat and chicken.

But it’s not to everyone’s taste.

Competition organiser Linda Chellew said: ‘The judges all just bit the bullet and ate the cat.

‘I had to very politely go and spit it out in the back room because I couldn’t break it down – it was pretty tough.’

ROFL! This is great! If only they’d start a trend over here XD

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