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A few more ramblings on the Bates method for better eyesight…

Think of it this way: if you’ve had your legs in a cast for 4 months, you will not expect, after one or two days’ physio, to be able to walk perfectly. Your eyes are also controlled by muscles. You can’t expect, after torturing your eyes for months, or even decades, to be able to see perfectly after a day of Bates treatment. Be patient. This does entail a bit of hard slog, but I think you’ll find it’s worth it in the end.

I shall mention here the words of another eye-specialist, Joseph J. Kennebeck O.D., who later came to reject the orthodox teaching that the lens is the determining factor in accommodation:

No one is blind without glasses. Anyone who can see with glasses can also see, in a way, without them, at least well enough to get along until his eyes improve. Only the blind ARE blind, and they cannot see even with glasses. Too many of them are blind from wearing glasses. Let it be understood that near-sighted eyes can do close work easily without glasses.

The severe cases of today were the mild cases of yesterday, just as the mild cases of today will be the severe cases of tomorrow, from wearing glasses. There are eye troubles — that is true — but no one is so bad in the beginning that he has to resort to glasses and wear them as he does, to supposedly see with or to supposedly save his eyes. One might be able to see with glasses until they need changing, but the glasses will not save his eyes. Of course if one does not live very long, it makes little or no difference if he wears glasses, but no one knows how long one will live. If one lives to a ripe old age, he will have the poorest eyes, at middle age and past, if he wore glasses before. Therefore, one must fight off glasses at a younger age to have the best eyes at an older age. One cannot wait until it is too late to do it. No one would be hurt by fighting off glasses, as much as all are hurt who resort to glasses.

Loyalty to the old tradition of glasses is widespread, and practically universal. As said before, all must save face and not be proven wrong in what all have believed in throughout the years. If all were as loyal and true to their eyes as they are to glasses, all would be better off in the long run. But all have more confidence in glasses, and less confidence in their eyes; too bad. Those who wear glasses think that they are wiser than those who do not, and will not, wear them. Why be so loyal to glasses, when glasses are not loyal to eyes?

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  1. Sushma said,

    My 4 year old son was prescribed glasses for both near and far sightedness because he was diagnosed for both. My husband seems to agree that he should use glasses because the doctor said that if did used them, his sight could get even worse as he grows up. But I’m not comfortable with that. I just started reading your book and I’m glad to find someone who thinks as I do. I’m just too confused and sad that he has to wear them for the rest of his life.

    Silver’s Reply: I’m sorry to hear about your worries. I personally think putting lenses on a child is tantamount to cruelty, but that’s just me. Saying that not wearing glasses will make your eyesight worse is tommy-rot. The truth is it’s the other way round. Whether you continue to keep him in glasses or not is a personal decision and one that you must make yourself; however if you do decide to remove them, please be sure to have his eye health and sight checked regularly by an optician.

    A very effective method that Dr Bates found for maintaining good eyesight in children is to simply place an eyechart on the wall and make them read it every day.

  2. Sushma said,

    We have taken my son for second opinion. This doctor said that he has bilateral amblyopia. Now he also said that my son has wear to glasses ALL THE TIME except in the tub and while he is sleep. It’s hard to believe there is nothing else or anything more I could do to help him.

  3. Greg said,

    You people are complete idiots.

    • Silver Arrows said,

      Really? Is that the best you can do?

      Try again, and this time, make a better fist of it.

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