Why you should not submit to TSR

27 August 2007 at 20:37 (Random Randomness, Sims 2) (, , , )

Lana writing

It’s only now that I’ve left TSR that I realise just how many disadvantages there are to submitting your work to that site. Now obviously with the custom content, you have no control of it once it get published: you can’t edit or delete your creations at all without first clearing it with a moderator (every other community site I know of allows submitters to modify and update their creations at any time). This means that if you find a problem with something you uploaded, rather than just reuploading the file/screenshot, you have to sort it all out with a mod first, and even then you have no guarantee that you’ll be allowed. And of course, they never ever allow you to remove your uploads. In other words, they are quite happy to keep your files on their servers without your permission, but if you share their pay files without their permission, you’re evil and deserve a ban. Hypocrites.

As well, the free artists upload their work because they want to share, TSR wants the free artists to upload so they can lure more visitors, and therefore have more potential subscribers. In other words, TSR are exploiting you for profit, nothing more.

Jasmine writing

Hosting my files elsewhere means I now get total control of my custom content, but I think the biggest advantage of having an independent site is that I also get complete control over my stories. One thing that peed me off a lot about TSR’s story-hosting was just how hard it is for an author to continue to perfect their work after it was published. When I edited and reuploaded part 1 of Jasmine’s story, after waiting over a week for the story to be approved (they never took more than 2 days ordinarily) I thought something must have gone wrong, so I reuploaded again, only for all my feedback to get deleted and to have to then re-upload once more for it to work. Idiotic load of rubbish! So you have to go through all that hassle just to make a few minor changes to a story. It makes me wonder how I ever stood for it! Now that I’m in complete control of my stories, I am free to modify screenshots when I want, I can add and delete scenes any time and make those all-important typo corrections and minor tweaks…whenever I like. Something you will never get with TSR.

(Fanseelamb put it much better than I did.)


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  1. kailin inspirationnn. said,

    i’m new to tsr, and i enjoy making sims and have nooo way of starting my own site which i have complete control of, so i’m pretty much settling for it.

    of course there is still the origional sims2.ea.com site, but i dislike it more than tsr.

    then again, for everyone who doesn’t upload or create anything to upload, tsr amazing for them, free amazing downloads :i

    message me on tsr, if you get a chance at, kailin inspiration. <—- period too 😛


    Silver’s Reply: Hi Kailin. Thanks for dropping by. Obviously, whether or not you choose to host your files at TSR is entirely your choice. However, there are plenty of alternatives – who don’t hijack your work – like insimenator.net’s community section, and MTS2 (although MTS2’s criteria is quite strict). And setting up your own little site as I’ve done is very easy. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but do bear the disadvantages of submitting to TSR in mind.

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