20 August 2007 at 18:55 (Random Randomness, Sims 2)

Lots of seeds now, so it should be pretty fast. Here’s a list of the content. Some (very few) of these require the Nightlife EP.

Please read! If it’s not in the torrent, I don’t have it. Please no requests. If I’m in a good mood I might download and torrent an artist’s entire pay-database, but for now if there’s something you want and it’s not here, please search through the booty.

All the torrents I’ve uploaded are now listed here

  • TSR – CycloneSue
    • Ramparts and Ruins
    • Climate Solutions
    • Barrels
    • Gothic build set
    • Guttering set
  • TSR – Cashcraft
    • FutureWorlds
    • Red Black
    • Blue Sky Kitchen
  • TSR – *bunny*
    • Teen cargo pants
    • Bunny bikini
  • TSR – BitzyBus
    • Crops
  • TSR – AnoeskaB
    • Roses are Red Living Room
    • Salsa Bathroom inc bathroom accessories
    • Turano Living Room – Red and Wood recolours
  • TSR – Aikea Guinea
    • Jeans and untuckable tops AF, TF, AM, TM
    • Charcoal sleepwear and undies for AM
  • TSR – evi
    • Small collection of swimwear
  • TSR – NeptuneSuzy
    • Patio Set
  • TSR – Simaddict99
    • Sophia Living
    • Zen Living
    • Guy’s Garage
    • Indian Curtains (unfortunately something in the Indian superset crashed my game, and I couldn’t pinpoint the exact file so I deleted most of it)
    • Whoops: some of the sophia and indian-inspired stuff ended up in the birgit zip, sorry. Should have checked first!
  • TSR – Sims2Sisters
    • School Set
    • Male sportswear
    • Various clothing and meshes
  • TSR – Sunair
    • Various hair meshes and recolours
  • TSR – Waverly
    • Beds – inc. Beds I, Beds III
    • Memerson Bedroom
    • Highland Bedroom
    • Lightwood Bedroom
    • Sedona Bedroom
    • Malibu Bedroom
  • TSR – Windkeeper (the real treasure! muahahaha!)
    • Tiaras
    • Farm animals – chickens, cows, sheep
    • Bamboo blinds – various sizes
    • Standard venetian blinds – all sizes and various colours
    • Barette hair for CF
    • Bathroom sink set (sink with accessories)
    • Bathroom towels
    • Fishing set
    • Kitchen and bathroom accessories – kitchen paper, toilet roll, etc
    • Long Island doors and windows
    • Nightlife Single Rose
    • Rosewood windows and doors
    • Tokyo doors and windows
  • Birgit43
    • Incredible India Set
    • (As mentioned before some of Simaddict’s stuff ended up in this zip. I don’t know how that happened)
  • Sims2Luxe
    • Sultana Kitchen
    • Sultana Bathroom
    • Pascia bedroom
  • HolySimoly – A few files are missing, if you want them you’ll have to get them from the booty
    • Donation Pack 1
    • Donation Pack 2
    • Donation Pack 3
  • PeggySims2 – crappy blinky site with the santa fairy
    • Bedroom Set 1 by Juice
    • Bathroom Set 7 by Juice
    • Glass bathroom
    • Loads of hairs by P.E.G.G.Y (complete with her crappy animations)
  • RoseSims2 – (shares her paying members’ details with TSR)
    • Most of her donation hairs – #22, 52, 57, 75, 82, 91, 96, 108, 116, 121
  • The Misc folder
    • Mostly hair and clothing meshes which I didn’t get round to sorting. Some of aikea_guinea’s stuff is in here, plus meshes and recolours by Marko @ TSR, Lola @ TSR, Lianaa @ TSR and Shananisims @ TSR’s hoodies for AF

Phew! I think that’s all. If there’s anything else you want, have a rummage through the booty or SFV.



  1. me said,

    can you please upload the theatre donation set from: [edit – don’t live-link to any paysite please, thank you.]

    PLEASE, i think it is ridiculous that you have to pay for some game items

    thank you for effort, if you do this I WILL SEED, i always seed your torrents!

    Silver’s Reply: It’s in the booty. Get it here: Raonsims @ PMBD. It’s not worth torrenting for one or two sets.

  2. Jojo said,

    Can youu pleaase upload the ”Salsa Bedroom” set from AnouskaB, indeed it is ridiculous to pay for any paystuff.. I also seed a lot of pay stuff with torrents! thanks anyway!

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