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Out to lunch: slang – said of a person: slightly crazy; in a dream world


Hello and welcome!

This site has branched out to incorporate all my ever-changing interests, so along with the Sims stuff, look out for lame attempts at artwork, vegan recipes, Japanese translations, and all-round random randomness!
– Silver Arrows

For craft ideas to keep kids (or yourself!) busy during lockdown, click here!

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What’s in the Out-to-Lunchbox todayicus?



Chapters one to six have been updated and partially reshot. I also have two recolours for the Europa S!


Female teen and male teen

Umm… more.

Head over to the kids’ and teens’ pages.

A few more uploads:

Male Clothing | Kids’ Clothing

New Highlighter Walls Superset

I’ve been a busy bee. Wall previews are all ready, and I have a page for some kids’ clothing. Because I actually have kid sims in my neighbourhood now :O

Mmm, maybe I should stick to object recolours :\


I have a bumper pack of walls and floors for you! Come here to check them out!

I have a new set of recolours!
Head over to the the objects page to download.

It’s not that I haven’t been updating the pages, I just haven’t been bothered updating the update pages 😉 I am working on the Dreamsong illustrations; all chapters are at least partially illustrated now (I think?). Also, check out this Ace Attorney fancase I am collaborating on:

Over two years since I posted chapter one…
Chapter Four of Dreamsong is up, yay!

Oh the dead arose and appeared to many…

Chapter one of Dreamsong is ready wo0o0oh0o0o0o000 yeah!

Screw, the decades nearly out. I’m feeling old. Apologies for some of the broken links for my sims CC. InSim’s been taken over by the big bad pirate and so I’ve got to update all the links to the stuff I posted there. I’ll get round to it eventually. W000t yeah I’ve nearly finished illustrating chapter one of Kid Liquorice. Heya!

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